Spending spree on State credit cards.


State auditors discovered cases of apparent fraud at Georgia Tech and Georgia Perimeter College and poor oversight, record-keeping and internal controls at other agencies, including the Department of Human Resources.

The audit, released Thursday, looked at seven of the 129 state agencies that use purchasing cards called p-cards.

Among the worst abusers, it found four university system employees who made tens of thousands of dollars in personal charges on the state cards, including a diamond ring, spa visits and car payments.

The state Department of Audits and Accounts referred four cases to state Attorney General Thurbert Baker, whose spokeswoman said a criminal investigation is open and ongoing.

Bert Brantley, a spokesman for Gov. Sonny Perdue, said Friday that the governor is concerned about the abuses.

“Although we just received the audit and are reviewing it, the governor intends to use the findings to ensure fraudulent practices are ceased immediately and the appropriate safeguards are in place,” Brantley said.

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  1. jillchambers says:

    They are following the lead of the Georgia House of Representatives – our House Appropriations sub-committee on Public Safety and my MARTOC committee exposed state credit card abuse issues months ago! Here are links to some of the media reports so you can see for yourself:





    and you can watch it here on Channel 2 archives: http://www.wsbtv.com/video/11442088/index.html

    have a great weekend! Jill

  2. dang Jill, good work!

    If you go a step further, you may find the shocking number of criminals that the “Georgia County Jails” have to turn out on their “Own Recognizance” due to the State not having adequate facilities to house them.

    The problem is way past epidemic outside of the “Gold Dome Neighborhood Watch Area” but now i understand.

    With the Georgia Department of Corrections having to pay debt service on $8 million in credit card debt, there is probably not much money left over to house prisoners.

    From AJC Political Insider Column
    March 2007:

    “Both Martin and Chambers said they would be looking at whether other state agencies had developed similar practices.


    “By lawmakers

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