1. BubbaRich says:

    A six-year-old case? Dr. Murtagh himself requested that the records be sealed? I’m all for cleaning up any bad business practices at Grady, but this sounds more and more like a GOP digging expedition. Mr. Everson’s involvement means we’re sure to hear the “abortion mill” in this case, too.

    I’m withholding judgement on this particular 6-year-old case until I see what I can see out of the settlement, but I’ll be interested to see how Sen. Shafer ties this in to current funding of the hospital. I’m also curious as to why Sen. Shafer claims that Grady and Emory requested the case be sealed, but this article:
    says that Dr. Murtagh asked to have it sealed.

    I’m also wondering if Emory didn’t feel it was worth it to be rid of Dr. Murtagh, since he sued Emory several times. Among other reasons, he sued them for failing to name him chief of the pulmonary department. He also claimed to be working with federal investigators during this lawsuit about stealing money from the federal government, but for some reason they never brought charges.

    Should make for some interesting reading, though! I’m working at Emory tonight, so I’ll keep watch for the army of mutant monkey-dinosaurs headed to the capitol.

  2. I am keeping an open mind until I have had an opportunity to review the documents that were unsealed today. However, I was very surprised by amount of the payment to the whistleblower — $1.6 million. If his allegations were unfounded, I am not sure why he was paid a penny. If there was something to them, they should have been fully investigated and not covered up by a confidential court settlement.

    There are a couple errors in the AJC story. The case unsealed today was not six years old. It was filed in late 2004 as a continuation of the original whistleblower retaliation case which was settled in 2001. Also, the 2004 suit was filed under seal because the settlement agreement required it. In fact, the $1.6 million payment was conditioned on it.

  3. Everybody says:

    The blogs have done a better job reporting on Grady than the AJC. Why didn’t the AJC get this suit unsealed? Maybe they have been promised internships at Emory Healthcare!

  4. Chris says:

    $1.6M is a lot of money.

    However, its clear that Grady has been more about political expediency and less about financial accountability, so the amount says little about what if anything Dr. Murtagh might have known.

    I still don’t like tax payer money going to buy people’s silence over mismanagement of public entities.

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    I want to congratulate, Senator Shafer, and keep up your vigilance for the taxpayers. And what is up with Grady’s efforts to jail the whistleblower. Sounds like something out of the Soviet Union, not the good ol’ USA.

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