The Ron Paul love train rolls on.

These signs are popping up all over Gwinnett County:

Ron Paul Love Train

And why not, Paul won a straw poll at the Gwinnett GOP’s BBQ on Sunday:

Ron Paul 34
Rudy Giuliani 19
Fred Thompson 18
Mike Huckabee 16
Mitt Romney 3
John McCain 1
Duncan Hunter 1
David Petraeus (write in) 1
Condoleeza Rice (write in) 1


  1. Archibald Bulloch says:

    There was a Ron Paul banner that someone put up on the railing of the bridge that runs behind the scoreboard of Sanford Stadium at the Ole Miss game this weekend in Athens.

  2. Rick Day says:

    Isn’t this the way Presidential campaigns used to run before 1960?

    Note to mod: Plz. send me instructions on how to get email, instead of having to return to the site to look for site traffic.

    Thanks. rd

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Ron Paul is the GOP’s only hope of victory in the 2008 POTUS race. He represents GOP PRINCIPLES, whereas Rudy McRompsobee represents the total abandonment of principles we have seen over the last 7 years.

    Dr. Paul reaches out more effectively to alienated conservatives, independents, antiwar moderates, and even democrats who yearn for someone of true integrity to lead us.

    He is, by self admission, not the most imposing of men, but the man has had the guts to stand for what he believes in – limited government, the CONSTITUTION, and fiscal responsibility – against party pressure.

    Look at some of his questioning of Fed chairmen over the last 5 years and one sees that RON PAUL is one of the very few in the US House who understands economics and who has predicted the recent, growing financial risks to us all.

    Instead of lining up behind the candidates who have chosen to line up with the corrupt Wall Streeters who control both parties, to the ruin of US all, folks all over who love the US and are concerned for our future should join our cause to ELECT RON PAUL PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!

    He is hope for America and salvation for his party.

    I have been buying RP bumper stickers and giving them out to friends for months.

    We can do this and take back America from those who have brought us to the brink of ruin.

  4. Well when you buy 40 tickets at the door, of course you will win. Of couse the only real winner was the Gwinnett GOP who took in those dollars/participant. Ron Paul people saved the event.

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