I just don’t think this hurts him

I mean, Marshall is not going to get attacked by a Republican for voting against SCHIP. Marshall could feel heat to override Bush veto. But, I don’t think it matters.

Soon after President Bush vetoed a measure to expand the state children’s health insurance bill Wednesday, efforts to override that veto focused on congressmen such as Rep. Jim Marshall.

Marshall is one of eight House Democrats whose


  1. keyth77 says:

    Marshall’s votes won’t matter. Goddard can’t slam him for his vote against S-chip because then marshall’s people can accuse Goddard of wanting illegal immigrants on healthcare & raising cigarette taxes that would affect poor & middle income people. So either way Marshall comes out looking good on this.

  2. Erick says:

    Lean, I’m not the one who says it. I’m pointing out that a good number of Republicans in the area, who vote for Marshall, refer to him as such.

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