Emory University’s Greater Good Presents Us With Too Many Problems

&#8220Emory now seems to have a pattern of viewing itself above the law because, you know, it’s working for the greater good.&#8221

When we get to the bottom of the Grady mess, it seems to me that we’re going to have to get to the bottom of the Emory mess. I have always, perhaps unfairly, thought that a lot of the Emory folks walk around with a sense of entitlement due to inordinate self perceived superiority. The Grady mess seems to play into that. It’s as if the Emory folks took the view that they were entitled to live off Grady because, well, they are Emory and Emory works for a greater good that the hoi polloi just might not understand.

Now we’ve got a series of troubling stories out of Emory that should, regardless of our politics, give us cause for discomfort.

First, as Jason noted, we have an Emory student editor who called into question Emory’s conduct. But, once he was granted an internship with Emory Healthcare, all of a sudden he considered his prior views to be those of folks having a


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Erick, you read all those Potter books for naught? What part of operating “beyond” the law for the purpose of “the greater good” did you not understand? Jeez…

  2. nrallen says:

    ummm….i’m sorry….but are you pulling out quotes of yourself? because i gotta say, that is really hella-lame

  3. griftdrift says:

    Playing devil’s advocate for a moment. If the case was mutually sealed as part of the settlement, wouldn’t it be opening a can of worms to use government intervention to force open a seal?

  4. Erick says:

    Grift, actually, I have the same thought and concern, though I suspect, from my dealings as a lawyer, that the one wanting the sealing had much, much more incentive to keep it sealed than the other.

    I’ve been involved in settlements where the settling party basically said they’d give more money quicker if both sides would agree to seal up everything because they didn’t want the black eye.

  5. BubbaRich says:

    That entire letter is political grandstanding on the issue of abortion. There is no other point there. Every question is trying to weasel into various issues that will earn him brownie points with the “outlaw abortion” zygote-worshipping crowd.

    This even includes his little distractor about the death of the poor woman during an abortion procedure. I assume he is equally outraged about the hundreds of women who die during childbirth every year.

    I do have to wonder what you elided with the ellipses, both in the second paragraph (“one woman…was killed”) and at the end of his point #6. I’m left with the uncomfortable choice that either you are not really reporting the “full text” as you claim above the letter, or that Mr. Everson is poor enough with the English language to include ellipses in his own original words.

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