What changed his mind?

An editor of the Emory student newspaper wrote a column several weeks ago, saying that the Emory administration should “forthrightly” answer the “compelling” questions that Senator Shafer had asked concerning the Emory-Grady audit. This young firebrand student editor rejected out-of-hand Emory’s argument that its billing practices were “in compliance with the contract” and said, compliant or not:

To clear itself of impropriety, Emory must forthrightly answer the following questions:


  1. SpaceyG says:

    This indeed is very bizarre. It’s like the guy’s become possessed by a completely different mind now. And he kept calling Channel 2 WSB-TV, the CBS affiliate. It’s not; it’s an ABC affiliate. Someone, preferably a media outlet with loads of resources, has got to (publically) get to the heart of this Emory-Grady matter. From the look of things, they’re starting to snatch enquiring young minds and ship ’em off to re-education camp… whoever “they” are.

  2. ugavi says:

    Slightly off topic…

    I find it interesting that we have 6 legislators going after Grady to open it’s records, when the legislator has exempted itself from open records requests.

  3. Hank says:

    Senior Editor Steven Stein is a College senior from Los Angeles. He is editor in chief of The Emory Political Review and an intern with Emory Healthcare.

    Uh, do you think it could be the new internship that changed his mind?

  4. Tommy_a2b says:

    Credibility??? This editor has none.

    I am glad the Legislature is going after this issue before it is to late. Sen Shafer seems to have the bull by the horns now hopefully he can bring it to its knees.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Give the Emory student a break…he’s just acting like many of our legislators who start-out being adamantly against something…and then, after a series of multiple after-hours meetings at The Capital Grille with moneybagged lobbyists (or…ahem…lobbyists with perky breasts, whichever works on the particular legislator), they turn around on their viewpoint and heavily support the bill designed to give companies like AGL Resources a $300 million guaranteed deal.

  6. Chevy says:

    I get that he is just a kid, but how sad to get bought off with an internship. He went from rebel to Monica Lewinsky overnight.

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