1. souldrift says:

    But he’s a non-Republican General, therefore he’s fair game to be slandered at will. He has no credibility unless he tows the party line.

  2. drjay says:

    from what i understand from the fairly large number of soliders i come in contact w/ rush is fairly popular w/ the troops–and i think the only “phony soliders” rush was refering to were ones who were literally that –as in a guy who actually made up his service in iraq when he was never really there–the guy is genuinely phony–i suppose if there was a real clamoring for it–they network could also broadcast some of one of the lefties like franken or randi rhodes and see if the soliders enjoy their shows as well…

  3. Isn’t it interesting, actually expected, that only a “portion” of the comment is ever broadcast and the fact the guy he was talking about is under criminal investigation for producing false military documents. Talk about taking things out of context. Actually, Obama’s comments about firebombing villages was also taken out of context so I guess both sides are fair game. Too bad we can’t discuss real issues or real beliefs but instead most people are only interested in taking “snippets” as ammo for character assassination.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    Someone should drop a big fat batch of “who cares?” on both of them and forget they ever happened. Seriously, these two have about as much relevance in politics today as Michael Dukakis and Gary Bauer

  5. Demonbeck says:

    Better yet, why doesn’t someone ask Dan Quayle what he thinks about General Clark’s thoughts?

  6. GabrielSterling says:

    Let’s get to what was actually being discussed on the show. Rush was talking about a “truly” phony soldier.

    So far 8 “phony soldiers” have been prosecuted and found guilty. Many who made claims of war crimes and criminal activities.

    The specific one Rush was refering to (and if one read the ACTUAL transcript they would know that) was Jesse MacBeth.

    Link to the “conservative” ABC news story from 9/24/07 on “A federal investigation cracks down on scam artists posing as military heroes.” Which uses the term “phony heroes” 3 times.

    USDOJ Release on “Operation Stolen Valor”

    Harry Reid and the Senate Dems are intentionally misleading the American public for political gain (with the exception of Sens. Akaka and Nelson who had the guts to vote “no” on the phony political resolution).

    I guess the truth shall set you free…or not if you simply cover youears and eyes and go “la,la,la,la…I’m not listening…”.

  7. redsouther says:

    Your going to site the George Soros front group Media Matters as a source for the “original, unedited program”…?

    Nice try. Anyone who’s listened to, and/or read the original transcript knows exactly what the truth is. But since when do liberals ever let a silly little thing like truth stand in the way of advancing their agenda?

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