1. GodHatesTrash says:

    SpaceGirl – is there a good rumor that Neal was renting some?

    Well, I guess there is now!

  2. Federalist says:

    The democrats have to do better than this. I have been complaining about the current candidates for months now, and for good reason. Vernon is a crook. Cardwell is a loser. Rand Knight? Who is this guy? The democrats may as well just go ahead and concede defeat to Chambliss. I still have not found out what vernon has raised, I would assume somewhere around $300-400K. Cardwell has $107,000 and change…but he is asking his contributors to date their contributions back to Sept. 30 or earlier so that they can go on the disclosure…not like it will matter anyways. Does rand knight have a fundraising operation even? This is probably one election that I will not cast a vote in. Although Chambliss did vote how I wanted him to on the immigration bill.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    GHT… that’s been the rumor amongst media insiders, particularly some at CNN, since the ladies first got busted. So when you hear Ugly B mouthing-off about all his “enemies” at CNN, that’s where that’s coming from. But the troll protesteth a bit too much, you ask me, which of course no one did.
    Why? It’s the kinda rumor people will denounce publically, but secretly admire UB for. It simply (like Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades, whether they’re true or not, exagerated or otherwise) implies manliness and virility. Seems to me Ugly Boortz needs all the help in “implying virility” he can get. So let’s just say, as Erick might not, that I’m operating for the greater good of manliness kind.

    Gawd do I crack myself up!

  4. Trackboy1 says:

    Boortz gives Vernon a free pass because Boortz and his buddies have a sweetheart lease on the old PDK airport control tower and use it as a social/drinking club.

    Boortz has never, ever criticized Vernon, and with Vern’s past exploits, it would have made for some interesting radio.

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