Poll on 2010 GOP Governor’s nomination.

Landmark Communications recently conducted a poll of 850 Republican Primary voters to ask their opinion on the GOP Presidential race and the 2010 GOP Primary for Governor.

The Presidential numbers showed Thompson ahead of Giuliani followed by Romney, Huckabee and McCain. The numbers for the GOP Governor’s race are shown here:


Why no Isakson? Landmark explains:

We did not include the name of U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson because at this stage, should he seek the office of Governor, we believe the field would be cleared of serious opposition. So, our survey is predicated on the idea of Isakson not on the ballot for Governor.


  1. Federalist says:

    Cagle might not drop out if Isakson joined. He would have a much better shot that any of those other people. Especailly that moron Handel. If I were cagle though, I would remain lt. gov. for two more terms and run an open seat election with 3 terms as lt. gov. Mark Taylor should have done this same thing, but he felt morally compelled to run against sonny.

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    With the exception of the Handel comment I agree with your assesment. Casey made a big and unexpected jump when he became Lt. Gov. However, he still has a lot to prove. I think he is a great guy but much of his vote came because he was not Ralph Reed and then he won becasue we are a red state. He needs to hold his horses or else he might find himself out of a job real soon.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Help me understand why Isakson would want to leave the high power of the Senate, for a mostly ceremonial executive position in GA?

    Trophys? Better retirement package? Bigger crib for your homiez to hang?

  4. EAVDad says:

    In the Senate, you’re a piece of the machine, but as Governor, you are the CEO. In general, Senator and Governor are seen as lateral moves.

    I agree that the field will clear out if Isakson runs: Not out of respect for him, but out of sheer common sense — Isakson will romp.

    Casey Cagle will wait it out, I think. After all, he’s a young guy and he’d be the heir apparent after Isakson.

    My question is this: What sacrifice will the Democrats offer up to run against Isakson and/or Cagle?

  5. drjay says:

    i think isakson has kinda always wanted the guv seat anyway–and he is a creature of atlanta so and he’s in the minority in dc now–so there are a myriad of reasons why this would be attractive to him

  6. Know Nothing says:

    No republican would ever run against Isakson for governor. It would be the dumbest thing politically to do.

    Since 2004, Isakson has been continually gearing up for another statewide run in 2010. He’s been raising money, he has a base of statewide volunteers in every precint, and a staff which knows the politics of georgia better than any other staff out there.

    There is not much difference between running for Governor than it is to run for the Senate.

    Hell, he probably could run as a Democrat and still win in a landslide.

  7. keyth77 says:

    If Isakson does run for governor he may face Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond or State Rep. DuBose Porter. Out of the two dems who would potentially give Isakson the most trouble.

  8. Federalist says:

    I would give Thurburt Baker a better shot than Thurmond or Porter. Between thurmon or porter though…wow. Thurmond will be able to raise much more money and has state wide recognition.
    There a very big difference between running for governor and running for senate though, Know nothing. I do not think I need to go through the pols101 lectures. The only thing similar is that they have state-wide constituencies. But running the campaigns for these different offices of different branches and different levels of government are very different.

  9. Rpolitic says:

    Even if Isakson gets in I believe that the ultra right will find a candiate to run. Johnny then will have t make a real decision like he did against MIlner, does he stay true to who he is or does he run to the right? Not to mentio the DC crowd tried to implement a bad immigration bill, that Johnny was for before he was against it and the spending is just a wee bit out of control.

    I just don’t think Johnny gets a pass in a primary.

  10. Rpolitic says:

    And one last thing, there is still an old time political consultant who despises Johnny and will do anything in his power to make a run as difficult as possible for him.

  11. Holly says:

    So, Rpolitic believes there will be another Mac Collins? I actually agree. But honestly, which of our current representatives statewide or in the U.S. House have that kind of self-grandeur? I honestly don’t think any of them do. I think if there is a far-right candidate in the race this time, it will be a lesser-known candidate, perhaps from the Georgia General Assembly.

    As for the immigration bill, I think voters have a short term memory, and that bill will be ancient history, seeing as though Johnny ended up voting against it in the end.

  12. Icarus says:

    Westmoreland had already said he would not challenge Isakson for either Gov or Senate, if I’m not mistaken.

    I don’t see anyone to the right of Westmoreland being viable statewide.

    Isakson may have token opposition, but the real primary fun will be in whichever postion he doesn’t go for.

  13. Bill Simon says:


    TP had his chance in 2004. He put everything out on the table there was and failed.

    Johnny will clean the clock of any candidate the “far right” throws at him.

    BUT, I encourage YOU to recruit any of your candidates to run against Johnny…

  14. Rpolitic says:

    Bill yet again you are putting words in my mouth. Unlike you I listen to the folks around the state and hear what they are saying without blasting away.

  15. To build on Bill’s comment, Isakson has built a pretty solid conservative voting record while in the Senate. The “moderate” label just doesn’t fit ‘ole Johnny.

  16. I can not see any real candidate running against Isakson. They will all be running for US Senate. Imagine the year though-

    Open Seats:

    US Senate
    At least 2 Congressional- I have heard LW, PG and possibly TP and JK, if it is the Senate seat.
    And then if Deal is always one election away from retiring.

    Minium 4 big open seats, possibly 7. And those are just the safe seats. The myriad of State Senators and Reps jumping into the void will be endless. Anyone that wants to run, that is the year.

    Oh yeah, why the hell didn’t they put Gingrey in the pot?

  17. Rpolitic says:

    I would say you are going to have a hard time calling many in DC right now conservative, the deificit spending excluding the war, immigrations etc… will be an issue in a primary especially if it is some outsider. Johnny can claim the vote against immigrations but he first was the proud author.

    I am not necessarily in disagreement with Johnny on many issues nor am I saying I want someone to run. I am saying there will be some rumblings in the far right corners of the party.

    Brian yes there are going to be plenty of open seats and the free for all that comes with it will be a blast to watch. But how about the Ox he seems to have reassembled his old political and fundraising crew. Just makes you wonder who will make the first move and who will blink.

  18. IndyInjun says:

    Isakson voted for Medicare D, an $8 trillion unfunded liability.

    A strong GOP favorite he may be, but a conservative he ain’t.

  19. Rb, many who know me know I openly supported Cain in 2004. And got in trouble for it by the Lamutt campaign. I know Johnny isn’t the biggest conservative, but to say that I am not supporting him this time would be a stretch. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. Besides, we can not get much more lib then we are now.

  20. Shakin the bush boss says:

    Just because it does not make political sense does not mean that JI might draw GOP opposition. Its in the water man….

    Shakin the Bush Boss

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