It’s Not About Rush Limbaugh, It’s About Talk Radio

The left-leaning, George Soros funded Media Matters has Rush Limbaugh in their crosshairs for comments they claim he made on his radio show last week. According to the group, Rush called military personnel who served in Iraq and oppose the war,


  1. dingleberry says:

    Just when I didn’t think this day could possibly get any better, Georgia’s Porker-in-Chief decides to come out of hiding.

    So Bacon-boy, why is it that you claim to be a fiscal conservative, but have no problem using tax money to line the pockets of Savannah developers?

    Why is it that you call yourself a fiscal conservative but continue to waste tax money on pork projects?

    Why is it that you and Demonbeck continue to smoke Cuban cigars while the rest of us are overtaxed thanks to your pork-laden fantasies?

    I doubt you’ll reply…

  2. ChuckEaton says:

    “The Fairness Doctrine” – sounds like a euphemism right out of one of George Orwell’s books.

    It’s always amazing to me how folks site the 1st Amendment for trivial items like ridiculous pieces of artwork, but are so quick to limit the free speech the Amendment was truly designed to uphold – political free speech.

  3. drjay says:

    while i appreciate all the good work you do mr. kingston, i am not sure we need to continue dragging this drama out on the floor of the house. rush is a big boy, he can defend himself just fine. otherwise as a savannahian, i am proud to have you serve us in congress

  4. rugby_fan says:

    Jack Kingston:

    Always reliable for a dose of talking points, a serving a pork, and a helping of resolutions instead of solutions.

    Good luck moving up the electoral food chain.

  5. shrike071 says:

    And your comment about Brian Ross’ story: “Operation Stolen Valor”? Mr. Ross used the phrase to describe an actual “Phony Soldier” – Mr. Jesse MacBeth.

    Nice cherrypicking, idiot. The big problem is that the majority of your supporters won’t do the research on their own to see what a tool you (and your moronic gaggle of cohorts) really are in this matter.

  6. drjay says:

    other than his unfortunate reference to murtha–i do not see any inconsistency in limbaugh’s assertion w/ the dialogue you cut and pasted from the MM website…

  7. Still Looking says:

    Kingston’s defense of the Big Fat Idiot reminds me of African America supporters of Mike Vick. Why can’t the Right-wing and why can’t African Americans call “a spade a spade” (sorry no racism intended), but when somebody in your group F’s up, admit it and Move-On.

  8. Erick says:

    FACT: Rush Limbaugh cited several soldiers who claimed to be involved in war crimes who made up their stories.

    FACT: Jesse MacBeth and several others were convicted under the Stolen Valor Act for their lies.

    FACT: The left is full of crap on this one and Rush remains right.

  9. dingleberry says:

    FACT: Erick is the managing editor of a website published by the same company that prints Ann Coulter’s trash.

    FACT: Erick has made a living accusing Democrats of rejoicing when our soldiers die.

    FACT: Erick has been bought and paid for by the right-wing establishment. He is a partisan lap dog.

  10. Still Looking says:

    Why was it OK for the Big Fat Idiot to call Chuck Hagel (a Viet Nam vet) Senator Betray Us. Sorry wingnuts, live by the sword; die by the sword. Best quote on BFI, “if he was caught robbing a bank, Rush would say he was taken out of context.”

  11. souldrift says:

    That’s just AWESOME!

    Funny how you guys never mention Richard Mellon Scaife when you talk about Soros! But that doesn’t fit with your bashing of MoveOn, Media Matters, etc. He funds RIGHT wing think tanks with billions of dollars, so it’s OK!

  12. SpaceyG says:

    Oh, just regular ‘ole indie folk can hate Rush too. Speaking of talk radio, it’s a crying shame when our Congressional reps use just that to pull thought-leadership talking points out of their ass-book-of-facts. No, it’s just pitifull really.

  13. shelbinator says:

    Right-wingers also conveniently forget that they dragged the so-called “fairness doctrine” out of the closet (you know, where GOP officials hang out tapping their toes?) in the hopes of getting that crazy liberal PBS to offer “equal” airtime to kooky conservative minority opinions — who cares if only 1% of scientists don’t buy into climate change, you have to give them 50% of the airtime!

    Oh Ken Tomlinson, we hardly knew ye.

    Thanks for wasting the taxpayers’ time, Rep. Kingston!

  14. SpaceyG says:

    You going back on The Colbert Report with this latest gem, Rep. Kingston? I sure hope so!!! Who needs Air America when we’ve got YouTube and the Internets! Bring it on. Then maybe you can, uh, “move on” (sorry, couldn’t resist) to wasting even MORE time trying to shut those down. ‘Cause we all know how biased YouTube really is, eh?

  15. Still Looking says:

    The national GOP party bus is on its farewell tour. Just yesterday the Wall Street Journal writes that the Repubics are losing their “Brand” becasue of their fiscal irresponsibility. Business executives and professionals are increasingly identifying with the Dems. And the day before Richard Viguerie, the godfather of conservate fundraising, threatens to fund anti-abortion third party candidate. Rove, Bush and Chaney have driven right off the cliff. Apparently the Georgia GOP is still thinking the bus will fly. Keep smiling Jack, Glenn, Sadie, Saxby, et al. You may still be airborn, but the crash is coming. And even if you survive personally, your national party is DOA.

  16. John Konop says:


    Fact: Erick is a trained lawyer who was paid to spin facts in his favor for a living.

    Fact Rush is a NEOCON not a conservative.

    Fact: Many conservative republicans do not support Bush

  17. GodHatesTrash says:

    Kingston supports the pillpopping pederast chickenhawk foodstamper Limbaugh against decent American soldiers.

    What a worthless piece of stumpbroke Texass trash.

  18. But it is okay to put out an anit-Rush resolution?

    U.S . Rep. Mark Udall offered legislation Monday condemning talk-show host Rush Limbaugh for remarks he made about “phony soldiers.”

    “Congress should make clear that Mr. Limbaugh’s use of the term ‘phony soldiers’ is beneath contempt,” Udall said.

    Udall’s resolution, introduced Monday night, says that Congress condemns “the personal attacks made by the broadcaster Rush impugning the integrity and professionalism of Americans serving in the Armed Forces.”

    There were 19 co-sponsors Monday night. None were from Colorado.

    I do agree with Mike and most of the crowd here that the resolutions are totally out of hand.

  19. Jmac says:

    I’m just impressed Rep. Kingston talked about something other than recommending legislation saying Gator fans are boogerheads.

    His rationale and argument are ridiculous, but at least he’s making progress, right?

  20. Rusty says:

    FACT: When Erick has no logical argument to make, he says opponents are full of crap. This is always a good indication that he is indeed full of crap himself.

  21. GAWire says:

    Everyone is posting assumptions that they get from blogs as fact, except for Erick who has made the only logical claim so far.

    And I think it’s funny that people like Konop (are we on Konop’08 now?) think it’s some sort of insult to say Erick or others are working for the conservatives. People, that’s a complement. If you think it’s cool to say things like “I don’t follow anyone” and “I do my own thing” then you must like being ineffective and in the minority, and in Konop’s case losing repeatedly. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Erick (or myself for that matter) say the GOP is perfect, but does that mean we can’t work for/with conservatives and the Party to make it better.

    And some of you people think you’re so smart … posting ‘facts’ or ‘misinformation’ like you actually know what you’re talking about or like you’re privy to some facts that others don’t know. You act like you’re on the inside because you read a blog or since you read The Note or Hotline first thing in the morning. Or, you think you’re superior because you don’t follow anyone and your opinions revolve around the fact that all politicians are criminals and therefore you will just make fun and/or criticize. You are the best bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks I’ve ever seen.

    Great job, shrike, I’m sure your pullitzer is in the mail right now. I bet your ‘research’ is going to cause Rush to lose his job and Spacey’s letter to Rush is going to make the EIB network go bankrupt. You guys are awesome.

    It’s funny how so many people in my generation think they’re opinion actually matters.

  22. John Konop says:


    FACT: You and Erick support NEOCONS not conservatives!

    FACT: What made neoconservatism distinctive

    According to Irving Kristol, the founder and

  23. GodHatesTrash says:

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by Kingston’s love affair with Rush – chickenhawks of a feather fly together.

  24. John Konop says:


    FACT: September 13, 2007 | Assessed favorably this week by the war’s lead general, the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq appears to be causing a surge of another sort

  25. GAWire says:

    Konop, stop copy/pasting from Wikipedia.

    Dingleberry, Erick have disagreed on a lot of things. But, when I see a logical argument being criticized by absurd comments by people that have no clue what they’re talking about and who shouldn’t be discussing things as if they are experts, I am going to speak up.

  26. shrike071 says:

    …and it appears that my ability to post here has been curtailed since my longest reply has yet to appear on the site….

  27. John Konop says:



    “Everyone is posting assumptions that they get from blogs as fact, except for Erick who has made the only logical claim so far”.

    I THAN ask you which facts are wrong and posted more facts.


    stop copy/pasting (FACTS) from Wikipedia.

    WOW I do not know what to say.

    stop copy/pasting from Wikipedia.

  28. shrike071 says:

    Since my last posting has been ‘screened’, I am going to try and slip it under the radar in segments. Here goes:

    GaWire: I fixed the last sentence of your last posting for you… No need to thank me:


  29. shrike071 says:

    Read Knopp’s posting – those are facts.

    The Republican party is on the decline. That’s a fact supported by any related poll out there.

    You say that unless we’re pulling for one party or the other, that we’re “ineffective and in the minority”? According to who? You? And we should give a f*^# about that…

  30. shrike071 says:

    You are without a doubt, a eunuch in the digital realm. In the classic sense, you are decayed vegetable matter at the bottom of my compost heap that I urinate on when I’m drunk. Your existence upon this mortal coil has made planet Earth that much more unbearable for every other mammal that has ever tried to crawl with dignity across it’s face.

    That’s a fact.

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