1. bowersville says:

    Who cares about a whack job poll? Let’s call a spade a spade, put it on the ballot and let me, and all other Georgians decide whether property tax, a sales tax, a flat tax, or any of the alternatives to property tax, fund local government spending. For their lack of spending restraints, local government wants an open door policy to my wallet.

    $2k in property taxes, I’ll trade anytime you are ready. You pay mine, Ill pay yours, deal?

  2. Hey bowersville, you can live in my $200,000 condo and I can live in your more expensive house, and all we have to do is trade property tax burdens? Sounds like a deal.

    Tell you what, you can pay sales tax on my crappy 32 inch non-HD tv and I’ll pay the sales tax on your HD tv and we’ll trade for that too.

    Give me a break.

    FYI, my property tax bill is $3,200 before homestead exemptions and the HOST credit for the 1% sales tax we pay in DeKalb county.

  3. eehrhart says:


    You just can’t stand the idea of letting people make a decision on tax for themselves.

    Of course you know better than 80% of Georgia citizens.

    Personal insults really do not help make an argument. Perhaps you should try facts.

    What are you afraid people are going to do disagree with you? I am not and I am looking forward to their judgment. You on the other hand seem to be frightened by the public or worse you have no respect for their judgment.

  4. Decaturguy says:

    Seems like that when the question in the poll is a lie itself, Earl, just like the entire tax proposal is, it is hard for the people to really make a “judgment” on something.

  5. Decaturguy says:

    Why can’t Richardson and Ehrhart just be honest with the Georgia people about how much they plan on raising their taxes and increasing the size and power of big state government in order to pay for this?

  6. midgajim says:

    The truth is, there won’t be an increased 4% sales tax; nearly every county already has a LOST, a SPLOST and an E-SPLOST, so it’s really a 6-7% (in Atlanta, 8%) increase. But I guess some politicians will say and do anything for their perceived future political ambitions (which–by the way, Glenn– ain’t gonna happen – see the poll above).

  7. cheapseats says:

    I’m afraid you guys are right. We’re not going to see any straight answers to any questions about this. Tossing insults at these guys just gives them an easy out so that they can focus on the name-calling and the insults (of which I admit that I have been a participant) so they can duck and dodge the legitimate questions by simply focusing on the name calling parts.

    I have to admit that they have a fool-proof plan if they can get this on the ballot and they are correct in suggesting that Georgia voters will approve it – I doubt they’ll get the 80% they claim but they don’t need 80%.

    In the end, yes, I’m guilty and history and statistics will back me up in any and every case – Georgia voters really are not smart enough to be trusted with this kind of complex issue. Sorry if that insults some folks but, let’s face it, here are some things that would “win” overwhelmingly if we put them on the ballot:
    1) Christianity as the OFFICIAL religion of Georgia but Catholics would not be considered Christians
    2) non-white, non-Christian citizens would not be allowed to vote
    3) repeal all taxes of any and every kind
    4) gays are official banned and exiled
    5) gun ownership is required for straight, white, Christians – all others are prohibited from owning firearms
    6) the Democratic Party is banned and exiled
    7) all roads should have an extra lane added to them at least once each year

    I’m sure other folks can add their favorites to this list but, you get the idea. We are supposed to elect folks that will act in our best interest with careful study and understanding of the issues beyond what the average layperson has the time or background to fully understand. Any time you see a legislator try to stick anything onto a state-wide referendum, you should be very, very worried! It means that they don’t have the support of the people who actually understand the issues so they’re trying to bypass the informed and use the “mob rule disguised as the will of the people” to advance their bad ideas.

  8. eehrhart says:

    Finally a breathtakingly honest opinion from someone who disagrees with the plan.

    Thank you Cheapseats for the candor. I will try to respond in kind. I especially appreciate the admission that insults are not the way to advance a discussion, which is what I would really like to have.

    Not that I really mind, other than the “fat” comment, but if you add up the times and the perjoratives:

    stupid, fat, liar, moron, idiot, whackjob, bankrupt and on and on and on,

    It makes you wonder “why so shrill?”

    I just ignore any post generally with such garbage, but I enjoy debate with those who want to differ reasonably without insults.

    Lets take your concept of “mob rule” The only way to delete the property tax is, by law, through a public referendum because it is in the state constitution. Should we not just discuss it because of this, and the fact that people would have to vote on it?

    I guess I am not willing to take such an issue off the table just because it requires a referendum to change.

    By the way none of the listed ideas you posted are in the constitution and would not require a referendum. I would also submit that Georgia dems have done that to themselves and would need no legislative help.

    Again, thanks for the honesty.

  9. cheapseats says:

    OK, short and sweet:

    I still want to know about the impact on Georgia businesses – especially big ticket items and especially those establishements located near the bordering states that will have sales taxes at least 5% lower than ours.

    In other words, should I be shopping for my new boat in Alabama or Florida? I’m not making a joke – I am planning to buy a new boat about this time next year.

  10. eehrhart says:


    I will look further into all of the specifics of your question.

    However my answer would be that I was not aware that boats were exempted from sales tax currently in Georgia and I am unaware of any such exemption in neighboring states.

    Since we are not advocating any change in the state portion of the sales tax, then your tax will be the same in that year if this plan is successful.

    We are only talking about taking away the exemptions to sales tax not raising the rate at all.

  11. Wait a second Earl. You most definitely are talking about a change in the state portion of the sales tax, aren’t you?

    The GREAT plan would eliminate property taxes and raise the state sales tax by 4% to make up the difference, and also expand the list of services eligible to be taxed such as lawyers and haircuts.

    So, if the GREAT plan passed, wouldn’t his boat become (at least) 4% more expensive in Georgian than it was beforehand?

  12. eehrhart says:

    I would like to answer that question posed by someone not trading in personal insults.

    Refer to above!

  13. dorian says:

    Chris, I think the purpose of the mysterous 80% poll number is to disenfranchise the folks who are against this tax scheme. I mean if such a vast number of people support it, why should I go vote? That, along with the combination of the creatively worded poll, which will undoubtably be the creatively worded amendement, ought to be enough to push it through.

    It’s funny, I was a lifelong, loyal, donating republican for my entire adult life until the republicans took over the state government. The good rep. can choose to dodge tough questions by attempting to cloak himself in moral superiority and rising above us dissidents. However, I sincerely and solidly believe that him and Richardson and those like them have miscalulated the extent to which they have ostracised a very vocal and passonate margin of their constituency.

  14. dingleberry says:

    Earl Ehrhart is a stupid, fat liar! This moron and his group of idiots running the House are the biggest group of whackjobs I have ever seen. They will bankrupt the state if we let them go on and on and on with this plan.

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