The Power Team

I’d say couple, but Tony Simon and Clint Austin just became a threesome. Sam Choate, the Speaker’s lawyer, is joining Connect South, the lobbying team of Austin and Simon. Already they’re helping the Giuliani effort, which the Speaker supports, and now I wonder if they’ll get involved in the GREAT plan.


  1. dingleberry says:

    Anyone who supports the GREAT plan is an idiot. It’s that simple. If the so-called “Threesome” support the GREAT plan, then you might as well refer to them as the “Three Stooges”.

    The GREAT plan is nothing more than a political stunt being pulled off by a liberal Republican and his mindless cronies. I hope they put it to a popular vote. People will NEVER support giving any more of their money to the tax-and-spend regime of Glenn, Jerry, and Earl.

  2. If you could turn pooh into gold why would you just lobby, why not make a fortune turning all the pooh in the world into gold. Why limit yourself to just the GREAT plan and the Giuliani campaign?

  3. Icarus says:

    Am I the only one who sees “Power Team” and “Threesome” on a screen and expects to see a disclaimer that says “Movie Titles will Not appear on the Hotel Bill”?

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