Isakson 2010

It hasn’t been mentioned up front here, but Heath Garrett has left Johnny Isakson’s office for a consulting firm. I’m in D.C. and *every* single person has said Heath is headed off to set up shop for Isakson ’10, the Gubernatorial run.

Heath, by the way, has been with Johnny since just about the beginning.

The additional rumor is that Lynn Westmoreland will run for the Senate.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Congratulations to Heath on the new move. The dialogue of politics is better and healthier because of people like Heath Garrett being involved.

  2. rightbeforeleft says:

    First of all, can we all agree the Senator’s victory is pretty much guaranteed? Secondly is this setting up Perdue vs. Westmoreland, and if so, would Westmoreland defer to the Governor? Third, there has to be something better than Lunsford and Seabaugh on the bench in the 3rd CD, talk about a couple of highly underwhelming choices. The two men are certainly upstanding and commendable public servants, but does anyone HONESTLY think Congressman Lunsford or Congressman Seabaugh is anything more than a cruel oxymoron? Interested in your thoughts.

  3. Jason Pye says:

    Chance, from what I understand, was interested but decided against running because there could be a a couple legislators that jump in (Lunsford and Seabaugh).

    I don’t think that those two would run against each other in the primary, one would defer to the other.

    The two men are certainly upstanding and commendable public servants, but does anyone HONESTLY think Congressman Lunsford or Congressman Seabaugh is anything more than a cruel oxymoron?

    Full disclosure here…Lunsford was our agent when Amanda and I bought our new home and he is my state representative, so I am biased. I think Lunsford would represent the district well and I’m almost certain he would have the support of Westmoreland.

    [I]s this setting up Perdue vs. Westmoreland, and if so, would Westmoreland defer to the Governor?

    Don’t rule out one of the other Congressman running for that Senate seat as well, possibly Price. I don’t have anything to go on with that, but you have to think one of them would be interested.

    As far as Perdue v. Westmoreland, there is no love lost between the two. A primary would be fun. Westmoreland has a ton of ammunition as far as Perdue’s fiscal record, which is very poor. I don’t believe Perdue is much of a factor in Georgia politics anymore. He was pretty much cast aside during the session. Cagle and Richardson have stolen the show.

  4. John Konop says:

    I have not always agreed with Heath on every issue. In fact we have engaged in a spirited debate a few times. Yet anyone who has ever met Heath will tell you he is a very intelligent guy who as a wonderful grasp of the facts surrounding policy.

    As far as Johnny I have only one time talk to him one on one and once again he also is very bright and had a tremendous grasp of details about the issues.

    Everyone should know, agree or disagree with Isakson on the issues or policy, Johnny is not a politician just pushing talking points without understanding the policy. Both have my respect and support for whatever they do. I give high marks for bright people who do there home work, even if I disagree at times with them.

  5. ugavi says:

    Would be nice in Johnny announced sooner vs. later. Maybe then Casey and Glenn would focus on what they were elected for, instead on running for Gov. in 2010.

    Would be very interesting to see who jumped in the Senate Race. Westmoreland, Price, Kingston all come to mind.

  6. drjay says:

    gracey–i don’t think heath is the main point of the story (as kind as all the words everyone has for heath are) i think the point is more the isakson for guv machine starting to get dusted off and gassed up is more the interesting tidbit here…

  7. Icarus says:

    A few of observations:

    Westmoreland would not defer to Perdue. He would, in fact, probably prefer Perdue to be in the race as that might cause a few other congressmen considering the race to back off. There’s not a lot of love lost between the two.

    As for the 3rd District, Seabaugh has definitely been talking about it. I had assumed Lunsford may have had second thoughts given his health issues recently, but I’ll defer to Jason here as I haven’t spoken to him recently. I will argue that he will not have Lynn’s support, however. Lynn is very close to all who are considering this run.

    I would not count out Senator Chance. He’s much better at keeping his cards close to the vest than the two above.

    Others that probably have to be considered are Vance Smith and Seth Harp. If Vance gets the DOT position, then he’s out.

    One long shot candidate is former Fayette Commission Chairman Greg Dunn. He was defeated in his last re-election bid, but I’m not sure that will stop him from taking a long look at the race.

  8. Icarus says:

    Not statewide, just the third district.

    And the answer is, I have no idea, but it’s sometimes difficult to get between an man and his ego.

  9. Chris says:

    I think a Westmoreland v. Perdue primary would be awesome fun. But I’ve also heard Kingston’s name mentioned as someone who might want to move up the electoral food-chain.

  10. Mike Hauncho says:

    I called this back in November that Isakson was running for Governor. I do agree that it would be good for him to let the secret out so that Casey, Glenn, and others would get back to work but all that does is put a big target on his back for the next 3 years. Westmoreland is in and so is Sonny. I think Sonny has a hard time winning this unless he can show some real maturity and leadership and put to rest this interparty feud.

  11. keyth77 says:

    I heard the same rumors that Westmoreland would run for Isakson’s seat if Isakson does run for governor & that Jim Butler (D) from here in columbus just might wait until 2010 instead of possibly this year to run for the 3rd district. And even though Perdue & Westmoreland might be considering a run at the seat one of them might have to go up against Thurbert Baker or Sanford Bishop who was rumored to be considering a run at the senate next year for the seat in 2010. But I think Perdue would get the best of westmoreland in a primary.

  12. Harry says:

    Seriously, I think Steve Davis would be a tremendous replacement for Lynn Westmoreland. He is young, great intellect and speaking ability, and fiscally quite conservative.

    We need younger people in Congress.

  13. Jason Pye says:

    One that I wanted to toss out there is that Chris Cummiskey, who is Speaker Richardson’s Chief of Staff, and Brad Alexander, Cagle’s Chief of Staff, both worked for Johnny Isakson at one point in time.

    Richardson and Cagle both want to run for Governor. Cummiskey and Alexander have a spot waiting for them on Isakson’s campaign?

    Mind you I have absolutely nothing to back this up, but it is something that crossed my mind.

  14. Holly says:

    Congrats to Heath Garrett, and also congrats to one of my absolute favorite people on the Hill, Chris Carr!

    I am beginning to doubt that Richardson will really run for governor. Has anyone seen the recent Landmark poll?

  15. boatswain says:

    Cathy Cox is the sleeper in the race for Lynn Westmoreland congressional seat when Lynn runs for the US Senate. She has won 2 State wide elections and is considered to be a supurb State Superintendent of schools.Governor Perdue is her patron.

  16. Icarus says:

    2nd try boatswain,

    Cathy Cox lives in Young Harris, which is far way from the 3rd. Her loss to Mark Taylor won’t help her in a run for a Republican congressional seat.

    And I also doubt that Kathy Cox is interested in the job, either.

  17. GodHatesTrash says:

    I have a three-legged dog that would make an excellent replacement for Westmoreland, except I broke him of the habit of eating feces.

  18. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Sonny Perdue running for the Senate…is this guy Vladimir Putin or something. I find it hard to see it happening, for the following reasons:

    First, why would he go from Governor to being a Republican Senator who, by 2010, would bepart of a clear minority in the US Senate?

    Second, why risk what “political legacy” he might have (not much of one in my personal opinion, but that’s not the sentiment of all I know ) by taking on someone that is more conservative than he is and risk losing in the primary?

    The REAL matchup would be if Tom Price or even better, Jack Kingston, got into the race against Westmoreland. (Kingston would be able to get even more “pork” for the Savannah area if he were a Senator!…That is a good natured dig at Kingston, whom I’d vote for in a hearbeat if he ran)

    As for the 3rd…I think Senator Chance would make a fine Congressman!

  19. Jason Pye says:

    I don’t believe that you’ll see two or three Congressmen in the same primary for an open Senate seat. That will be sorted out long before anyone in the public casts a vote.

    The same for whoever will take Westmoreland’s place (if he even decides to run for Senate). Lunsford, Seabaugh and Chance…or whoever else will decide this long before the primary.

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