Fantasy Football results.

Week 4 is done and the Columbus Mudcats dealt me my first defeat. If Belichick had just given the ball a few more times to Sammy Morris and if Brady had handed it to him instead of throwing to Randy Moss things might have been different. Nevertheless, the Mudcats won and congrats to them.

Only two undefeated teams remain; ShockleyShockers07 and Al Smith’s Jihad. See the complete standings below the fold.

Here are the week 4 results:

Columbus Mudcats 66
Frigtards 64

Melted Wings 86
Stat Padders 65

Smyrna White Trash 86
the snugglers 76

Slobberknockers 74
mmmm Cold Beer 98

Spudruckers 62
Bad Newz Paperz 77

Monday night quarter 62
Al Smith’s Jihad 84

Adam 20
‘Noles Win 74

Samsonite Gorillas 61
StrungOutStars 23

Warsaw City Ferrymen 47
Sweep The Leg Johnny 49

ShockleyShockers07 89
Dacula Destroyer 54

Standings through week 4:

1. ShockleyShockers07 4-0-0
2. Al Smith’s Jihad 4-0-0
3. mmmm Cold Beer 3-1-0
4. Monday night quarter 3-1-0
5. ‘Noles Win 3-1-0
6. Columbus Mudcats 3-1-0
7. Frigtards 2-1-1
8. Stat Padders 2-2-0
9. Slobberknockers 2-2-0
10. Spudruckers 2-2-0
11. Dacula Destroyer 2-2-0
12. Sweep The Leg Johnny 2-2-0
13. Bad Newz Paperz 2-2-0
14. Samsonite Gorillas 1-2-1
15. the snugglers 1-3-0 .250
16. Melted Wings 1-3-0 .250
17. Smyrna White Trash 1-3-0
18. Warsaw City Ferrymen 1-3-0
19. StrungOutStars 0-4-0
20. Adam 0-4-0

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  1. Icarus says:


    I know you’re considering liquidating your team and moving on to something of consequence, like the Ron Paul campaign. The public humiliation of not just losing to the Melted Wings, but being dusted by 21 points, must make you question everything you thought you knew about life.

    I’d love to add a few words of comfort here, but I’m all out. I used them on my friends from Mississippi that I took to Athens Saturday.

  2. Doug Deal says:


    Well, I unfortunately used all my miracle points this past Saturday to get Florida, Oklahoma and Texas to lose. I was spent on the NFL games.

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