College Pick’em results.

Icarus maintains the lead through week 5:

1) Icarus 729
2) The Correct Picks 697
3) Tomorrow’s Scores Today 683
4) mmmm Cold Beer 677
5) Picks of the Driving Buddha 617
6) Reclaim Your Republic 556
7) WilsonsLongShots 462
8 ) Carpe Forem 453
9) Goooo Jackets 451
10) Al Smith’s Rabbi 258
11) Noles Win 117

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  1. Doug Deal says:


    I also once came up with my own computer rankings. I used a random walk method to converge on a ranking that was pretty accurrate in predicting winners. Anyway, on your site, you said you wanted to know if someone could automate your calculation process, or at least help you automate it. Anyway, give me an email at dougdeal at deal web design dot com, with no spaces, the at is a @ and the dot is a . and maybe I can help.

  2. boatswain says:

    Cathy Cox is positioning herself for a run for Congress. Forget about Lunsford, Steve Davis, Mitch Seabaugh, Ronnie Chance, ect. She will be unbeatable! She has already won 2 State wide races and is anxious to move up the ladder on her way to much higher office.

  3. Icarus says:

    I wasn’t aware that Young Harris was in the 3rd district. Her last attempt at higher office was ended by the less than talented Mark Taylor, so I doubt she’ll be real trouble.

    And I don’t see Kathy Cox making that move, either.

  4. Icarus says:

    And why are we posting this on the college pickem results? To show Icarus has some credibility somewhere?

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