Technology Just Too Much For APS To Handle

While these two thieves rot in jail (hopefully), we in the Atlanta Public Schools system (APS) are dependent on The Backpack Network for our communications needs. From the ABC:

The former technology director of Atlanta Public Schools and his wife were sentenced to federal prison on Friday for bribery and defrauding Atlanta Public Schools.

Between May 2001 and February 2003, the Scotts received $323,524 from vendors who wanted to do business with the school district. The defendants deposited nearly $300,000 of the funds into a joint bank account they owned, and used the funds for their own personal expenses. As technology director, Arthur Scott had managerial responsibilities relating to Atlanta Public School’s E-rate program, including the selection of vendors for E-Rate and other technology related projects, potentially worth millions of dollars.

Full article here. Meanwhile, my kid’s APS school PTA just sent out


  1. Randy Lewis says:

    The answers to this problem: vouchers, school choice and the freedom to vote with your feet! A monopoly is the gateway to corruption. I will also point out that the Superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools makes more than $360,000 a year, three times more than the Governor. In a monopoly, only two events can occur

  2. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    APS relying on fundraising? What’s the sense in having school preperty taxes if you’re school system is begging for handouts. That’s why I live in Cobb. Of course, the benefit of moving to Cobb in order to avoid high property taxes will be wiped out by the Speaker’s “GREAT” plan.

  3. Trackboy1 says:

    Only two people going to jail for this? How many people were really involved with this mess?

    And the Superintendent Beverly Hall’s answers to questions on this have been indignent and self-righteous, completely passing the buck. What’s millions of wasted federal tax dollars to her?

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