Georgia Safe from Global Warming Regulations

Yay for the Republicans!

Although a growing number of states are taking steps to slow global warming, setting new limits on cars or industry leaves Georgia lawmakers cold.

In the continued absence of federal limits on greenhouse gas emissions, states from Florida to California are using incentives, fees, emissions targets and other measures to tackle the problem themselves.

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  1. GodHatesTrash says:

    Well, if dem dare scientimific mines in the Jawja legislatoor say dey ain’t no global warmin’, that’s good enuf for most Jawja trash!

  2. Doug Deal says:

    The global wamring issue is the perfect demonstration of what is wrong with democrats. Jump ahead with solutions to “problems” that may not even be problems without any understanding of the complexity of the issues or the consequences of the “corrective action” , just because it feels good to do something.

    Everything from healthcare to anti-poverty programs to education to global warming.

  3. John Konop says:


    I do not agree with the solutions I have seen put forth on Global warming. And as you know I have been very critical of No Child Left Behind and our current healthcare system.

    Yet that does mean we do not have an issue with education, healthcare and the environment. The point I am making identifying a problem is not the same as disagreeing with the solution.

    You cannot fix a problem unless you are honest about the issues. Also we must balance personal responsibility with people who shift that on others.

    I am generally for local control. Yet I do agree with concepts like mandatory car insurance. If some hits my car and has no money to pay for the damage my rights are taking away.

    This concept can be applied to the environment as well as healthcare. Once you get to the reality all most pay and than you have the question, what to do with those who cannot afford it.

    And this is when we must weigh compassion with what is realistic. As I said there are no easy sound bite answers. Also no solution will make everyone happy.

  4. Federalist says:

    Why does every republican think that conservation will hamper economic growth? Remember what happened in 1996? That wall-street journal article about pollution in atlanta?

  5. John Konop says:


    The poorly negotiated trade deals complicate the problem. The reason we lost industry was not just about child and slave labor it was also lax environmental and safety standards.Countries like China, India, Mexico all have become environmental wastelands post NAFTA, WTO CHINA, CAFTA

  6. Federalist says:

    China is a problem, yes. They are still stuck in the industrial revolution…we are not. The dollar is weaker now than ever before, as well. Hypothetically we will probably see more exporting now than we have in the last decade or two. My previous comment was in regard to the slow growth metro atlanta faced in the mid 90s because of the poor environment. Atlanta saw some of the worst pollution in america and businesses and people did not want to move here because pollution is calculated into standard of living. The real-estate and business communities gone on the elected officials to curb pollution. It is no coincidence that the cities with the highest standards of living, and highest property values, have relatively strict environmental regulations. I seriously encourage people that think environmental regulation hampers ecomonic growth to move somewhere near a coal mine or other industrial type town. It is rather destitute and disgusting. The entire world depends on the American financial markets, there is no reason why we should still be heavily involved with industrial mining and agriculture.

  7. John Konop says:


    Why do you think “there is no reason why we should still be heavily involved with industrial mining and agriculture”?

    I am all for real free, but why should we be co-dependent on any country?

    Do you like being co-dependent on China, Mexico…..?

    Is that not why we have no control on product safety, slave labor, environment….?

    I am not for telling a country at gun point how to live or manage their country.

    Yet I am against being an enabler to a country that has no viable standards.

  8. Federalist says:

    Why hold a country at “gunpoint” when you can use finance and investment against them? What would happen if the US defaulted on all of our debt? There are not too many countries that could survive if they embargoed the US. How many countries use our financial markets to back their currency and military funds? Further the expansion of this influence. Saudi Arabia gets it, and I am certain that policy makers get it…but using the deficit as a political issue scares the hell out of most people that do not understand modern economics. That supply and demand stuff is very 18th century. Get with the times. Why not allow our government to invest billions in foreign markets and make them more financially dependent upon the US? Even a large fraction helps. Saudi Arabia holds 20% of the NASDAQ and loads of property in the US. We should encourage similar strategies to maintain our hegemony. Free markets do not exist…if you do not believe me, watch what happens to those precious farmers that are left when the government subsidies are no longer handed out. Big deal if we get food from other countries…if they have a comparative advantage, then so be it. Our advantage is the world dependence on american finance and even the internet (85% of servers are in the US)

  9. John Konop says:


    The sales pitch was made about technology pre our unfair trade deals. We were told by bipartisan lawmakers led by Gore that America would keep the research and high paying Tec jobs and Countries like China would do the low level. We all know this did not happen.

    We are in a competitive world economy. We cannot think because we are Americans that we win by default.

    Also the idea that lowers wages of working class people is how we control inflation is an elitist attitude that is a race to the bottom.

    This is great article on my site called

  10. Federalist says:

    The free market does not exist. It will never exist. To pretend that it does exist will only doom an economic policy to failure. We do not need to trade with china…it does make things a lot cheaper and allows companies like Wal-Mart (companies that sell stuff in quantity and sacrifice quality) to amass large sums of wealth.
    If this country made the proper investments, we would not need to bother with tariffs. What I proposed earlier is nothing less than economic tyranny, and it would work. It is not too different than what we do now…rather than creating evidence and going to war unjustly we could simply bankrupt other countries.

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