Can We Expand the Death Penalty?

For dumb shi. . .stuff like this?

A Cherokee County man was believed to be under the influence of drugs Thursday morning when he drove the wrong way on a downtown Atlanta interstate, caused a multi-car pileup, then locked himself inside his car, police said.

Atlanta police spokesman Ronald Campbell said Herman Moore, 43, was driving northbound in the southbound HOV lane on I-75 when the wreck occurred shortly after 7 a.m. near Howell Mill Road.


  1. The solution would be to legalize drugs. Then this man would be a “victim” of a sickness and would not be guilty of anything. We would save tons of money for court costs, incarcaration and the “accidents” would be accidents instead of part of criminal activity. That might make it easier on the insurance claims. This man is just a victim of those puritan prohibition laws and if we would just make this a freer society these problems would resolve themselves.

    Just in case anyone missed my point, it was entirely satirical and the SOB should pay a heavy price. Maybe the idea of creating a penal colony and deporting these lowlifes for life might not be a bad idea.

  2. Well, the “war” on burglary, rape, murder, grand theft, white collar crime, child abuse, spouse abuse, and shop lifting has been about as succesfull but I don’t hear a whole lot of people advocating surrendering on those fronts.

  3. GodHatesTrash says:

    I’m all for capital punishment for everyone driving under the influence involved in a crash causing a death.

    And I think all driving under the influence cases should be upgraded to attempted murder.

    Georgia jails would house hundreds of thousands of rednecks that could be used for the onion harvest and pecan picking. Bring back the chain gang for drunk drivers.

  4. dingleberry says:


    No one is “advocating surrender” in the “war” on drugs you mindless wonder. If you actually think the war on drugs as it is currently being conducted is working, then thank GOD you decided not to run for President. This country couldn’t take another 4 years of stupidity.

    By the way, you still owe me $100 for that campaign contribution I gave you specifically earmarked for your PRESIDENTIAL run.

  5. Federalist says:

    Mckinney is such a naive sob. I am amazed at his idiocy. Comparing the war on drugs to enforcing rape, burglary, and other crimes. Wow ray, you really just showed that you have not the slightest clue. Maybe before you decided to go through your mid-life crisis you should have read some policy papers. Dingleberry, if ray does not give you the money back…just call the fec @ (800) 424-9530. They get what has happened, and people get their money back from hapless sobs all the time. If he continues to refuse or claims you did not give him a contribution, send what proof you have and the FEC.

  6. Federalist says:

    Furthermore, ray, enforcing laws such as rape and burglary and the others you mentioned above has not created an international criminal underground network, comprised of multiple cartels each capable of independent operation. I am still curious how many murders have been comitted because these drugs are not legal. Although there could be a catch…oil is legal and look at how many people the gop had put to death over that commodity.

  7. You guys are either such childish morons sometimes or great actors. Not sure which. You still failed to explain why making drugs legal is good for the country? The only point most of you even try to make is “the war on drugs isn’t working” and all I point out is the war on most things isn’t working so does that mean we should give up?

    I guess an intelligent discussion is not in the works.

    “International criminal underground network”, Now WHO is being naive. The underground car parts industry, the child porn industry, slave industry, are not international? Sheesh do you live in a closet. Do you have any idea how many children go missing every single day in this country? Where do you think they all wind up? Disneyland?

    Snob? Me? Boy are you rich. Actually you must be since all you can talk about is how much money you contribute to the groups that, how did you put it? oh yeah, the ones that get really dirty.

    As far as the $100, do you really think dingle would have sent a dime much less a c-note? You guys are so funny.

    Oh and when the drugs are legal and people are so strung out they can’t hold down a job and they resort to crime to pay for these legal drugs will the solution be to make it a part of the “free” healthcare?

  8. dingleberry says:

    Sometimes I wish “free healthcare” did exist if only so folks like Ray McKinney could afford to see a psychotherapist.

  9. dingleberry says:

    Stole 100 dollars of my money for starters…

    Look at your records, Ray. There should clearly be an entry that looks something like this:

    Berry, Dingle 123 Sesame Street, Nowhereville, GA 12345 $100

  10. Federalist says:

    Drug crimes (victimless crimes) account for a very large portion of the prison population which is nearing 1% of the american population. Rather than spending $30k-40k annually to keep these typically harmless people behind bars….we could legalize and tax the hell out of these drugs. All of the crime that is carried out in the drug trade, for purposes of operation, would disappear. People would not get shot over transactions, dealers would not have their families kidnapped or murdered over business. Stray bullets would not kill innocent children in their beds at night (those bullets fired from drug financed gang activity.) Rather we would be created a legitimate multi-billion dollar empire, that would see a lot of tax revenue from. In addition, who was a sociologist, did some research on drug use/addiction in europe. it focused primarily on family, crime, economic impacts and education. Interestingly enough, when drugs are tolerated and people are encouraged to be responsible with drug use, there tends to be less of a tendency to abuse and there are fewer instances of drug related domestic troubles. I know this is all very technical for you ray. you probably do not read books or academic journals…so you are left with what people told you (lied to you about). The U.S. would be better off legalizing and regulating drugs. Treat drugs like alcohol. Non of the experts recommend allowing children to use drugs or to drive an automobile under the influence. Awareness is the key, not abstinence. Look at the history of drug laws. They were not criminalized because they are bad for you. They were criminalized because of racism and nativism. Furthermore, think of the trade offs we would see (actually by the time we can get congress to pull their heads out of their butts I will probably be dead) but nonetheless…fundamentally we would see less crime, fewer people in prison, less money spent on prisoners, more business, more employment, more tax revenue, drug prices would drop, and we would see more research done on illicit drugs and their potential for medicinal use.

    I would not suprised if ray does not have records of the contributions he received…it is not as if he knew what he was doing.

  11. GodHatesTrash says:

    Ray is a professional candidate – a southron moron version of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

    Keep those checks comin’ folks – Ray needs to buy his first pair of shoes, what with campaignin’ for Congress and all…

  12. GodHatesTrash says:

    Ray is sort of like Senator Larry Craig – a man in search of an orifice…

    Or is it the other way around?

    God, sometimes I crack myself up!

  13. Mad Dog says:

    Ah, the meaningless use of the word war by just about every political hack in the U.S.

    The entire Afghanistan poppy crop sells for about $4 billion (U.S. dollars). That poppy crop becomes about 90% or more of the world’s heroin.

    So why not buy the poppy crop?

    Heck, why not pay the locals to grow it for say, … $8 billion?

    Heck, pay them in Euros instead of dollars. Or, get Ron Paul to create a new type of money made out of silver or gold. He can have his picture on one side and a poppy on the other side.

    But, we just can’t let governments intervene in the ‘markets,’ when we can wage ‘war.’


  14. Federalist says:

    Just ask how important Afghan poppy is to italy. It is not just produced into heroin. In fact, that very poppy is processed in turkey, siciliy, hungary, and a few other mediterranean nations into various pain killers…not just heroin. You would also be suprised how much heroin in the U.S. market actually comes from mexico and nothern south america.

  15. The Comma Guy says:

    Sadly, allowing the death penalty in this case would only give the AJC another reason to go on a 5 day rant like they have the past week.

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