1. eburke says:

    Do you really think it is good government to put all the revenue of the entire state in the hands of the Georgia House of Representatives (really in the hands of two or three members)? Without some guarantees about the distribution formua put into the Constitution, I am very suspicious of this potential power grab. I have seen the General Assembly punish districts and counties that voted the wrong way. I have seen this General Assembly do this, I don’t want to put that much power in the hands of those vindictive, morally challenged men at the Capitol in Atlanta.
    My commissioners and school board members keep the taxes low in our county. We hold them accountable.
    Lets have some serious reform and not a broad brush simplistic approach that concentrates power at the State government level.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I tend to agree with eburke.

    I really do not like centralized control of money that just flows back down to localities. It’s inefficient as a means of collection, inefficient as a means of distribution, and encourages inefficiency when it is spent.

    It is better to have a choice about where you live in Georgia as to services you want provided from the government and the taxes that you are willing to spend.

  3. eehrhart says:

    Just for discussion concerning those low taxes….

    Some new relevant information about the relative growth of government spending.

    Consider this. Since 1996, inflation has risen 28 percent. When adjusted for per capita spending, the state of Georgia

  4. eehrhart says:

    Doug, just a rhetorical question.

    If the state does such a bad job of collection and disbursements, are you advocating that we should return all spending to the local level.

    This would include all state collected portion of :

    All school money
    All road money
    All SPLOST money
    My favorite: all Premium tax money (millions)

    Should we really give them exactly what they are advocating for?

    Do they really want the responsibility for raising all of this on the local level?

    Or do they just want the state help when it is convenient to them and not their taxpayers?

  5. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I own a home in Cobb County. I live within my means. My property taxes are low; even lower than it seems because I can claim it on my income tax returns. The county sales tax is relatively low. My vehicle registration taxes are low because my car is 10 years old. Again, I live responsibly (As Republicans demand) and within my means.

    So, will somebody please tell me how this GREAT plan will benefit me????

    I would rather see the state income tax repealed or drastically reduced. But if someone can convince me that the Speaker’s plan will benefit me, I’m willing to listen.

  6. Doug Deal says:


    The further up the chain the money has to travel the more overhead that is paid. Also, the more money that is piled in one big stash, the easier it is to “justify” and hide such ridiculous boondoggles like the Great Alaskan Bridge to Nowhereland.

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