More on Grady via the Political Vine.

Ron Marshall of the New Grady Coalition writes this in the Political Vine:

Consider the benefits Grady gives to Emory:

* Emory charges Grady patients directly for doctor services but Grady assumes all liability for Emory’s mistakes.

* Grady pays for Emory’s malpractice insurance, and if the claims are more than the policy limits, Grady pays out of pocket.

* Emory publicly complains that Grady owes it $45 million, but Emory cannot document over 90% of that amount.

* Emory has been paid millions of dollars every year without adequate documentation.

Emory is not double dipping. Emory is triple and quadruple dipping. Emory has accumulated a huge endowment on the backs of Atlanta poor. Emory pays its top officials multi-million dollar salaries while Grady struggles to pay its nurses and janitors. Whose team are you on?

I don’t see how the State or Fulton of DeKalb can agree to give Grady more money until the situation with Emory is sorted out. Even if Ron Marshall is incorrect in some of his assertions, this must be dealt with.

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