Challenges to various GOP Conventions

We’ve talked before here at Peach Pundit about “questions” regarding a few of this year’s GOP conventions, most notably the donnybrook at the Fulton County GOP Convention. Challenges to GOP conventions in Fulton, Fayette and the Third Congressional District will be heard by the GOP’s State Committee. This Friday according to Bill Simon…

…is supposed to be the day that the “defense” of the Fulton County GOP presents their case.

Rumor has it that Chairman Mike Dvorscak has hired former Fulton County GOP Chairman Matt Patton at the “bargain” rate of $500 per hour to defend Dvorscak and his crew of deliberate cheaters (See Willard, Wendell, “Ballot-Stuffing 101”).

Simon continues:

We’ve reviewed the complaints that challenge the results of the Fayette County Convention and the 3rd Congressional District. Without going into massive detail here, the complaints appear to be well-written, thoroughly researched, and they present a detailed blow-by-blow of the cheating that went on at these respective conventions.

Let’s face it, there are RULES to how a convention is run. Period. If you violate the Rules, then you should expect consequences…consequences that are not all that enjoyable sometimes. If you don’t want to follow the Rules, get the hell out of the Republican Party of Georgia.

I’ll be interested to see how the State GOP handles all this.

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  1. Bill Simon says:

    One clarification, Buzz: The meeting this Friday is for the Fulton GOP’s defense rebuttal as far as I know. I do not know if the cases for Fayette GOP or the 3rd CD have even been formally heard before the appeals committee.

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    I was a big Hanley supporter and still am but to Mike’s credit he has done a very good job getting the ship turned around and slowly heading in the right direction. I was one of the people most on Mike about his lack of direction but with the help of a few others he is finally starting to do what has needed to do during his first term. None of this will affect the outcome of the appeal but it is good to know that even if the convention results are upheld the Fulton GOP is able to move forward. There needs to be a review of the appeals process and to have them changed so that this process is resolved in 30-45 days, not 10 months.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Perhaps had Mike Dvorscak had the integrity to admit the errors happened and stopped throwing-up all of the barriers by his various lawyers, this COULD have been resolved long ago, Mike.

    You see, there is no requirement that everything gets appealed to the state party level. County parties HAVE the first right of refusal in hearing an appeal. In Fulton’s case, Mike didn’t want to hear about the appeal and threw-up all sorts of obstacles to prevent the challenge from EVEN BEING HEARD.

    This is not a “state party appeals process problem.” This a problem produced by a despot by the name of Mike Dvorscak, plain and simple.

  4. atlantaman says:

    The Futon County Convention to me was the day the music died. I always felt like republicans tried to hold themselves to a higher standard. Whether Dvorsack stole the election is irrelevant. The process was a joke and if Dvorsack had half a brain he’d be the first one calling for a re-vote to protect his integrity and the Fulton GOP’s

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