1. gatormathis says:

    You are exactly right. Benny was a great guy, and really enjoyed his days at the Pig Jig, as well as his days everywhere else.

    I met lots of good people while in his company.

    The Pig Jig may be a lot of pork, but it compares in no way to the pork spent in Atlanta by taxpayers to house the games of arrogant Mike Vick type multi-millionaire ass-a-letes, who play games in front of slightly attended, over charged fans. This in addition to having to pay taxes to offset losses from revenue shortfalls.

    And don’t come to the Jig “demanding” nuthin, lessen you are prepared to get your “snout” googled.

    Come with the intention of having fun, eating good food, and meeting friends, and you’ll have a great time. We always do……….

  2. John Walraven says:

    A’men to the Benny King comments. Salt of the Earth. Great man. One of my favorite days in all of my time on the road was going booth to booth with Benny, meeting great folks and eating the best pork shoulder I’ve ever had.

  3. John Walraven says:

    One more thing: every penny put into that property was worth it. BBQ is part of the fabric of our culture. Folks have gathered around it forever in the political arena. Folks from around the world actually attend the Big Pig Jig. The State has deemed it our official Pork BBQ cooking championship. Its only fitting that we ensure the grounds are worthy of such an event.

  4. Jason Pye says:

    That is by far the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Taxpayer dollars should not be spent on BBQ. If this damn thing is that popular then raise the money privately.

  5. John Walraven says:

    Taxpayer money wasn’t spent on BBQ. It was spent to upgrade a property where thousands gather to compete in what the State has deemed its official Pork BBQ cookoff. The state invests money in property for all kinds of reasons: football stadiums, parks for recreation, trail construction, preservation–the list could go on for hours. Allowing the property to continue in its previous condition was a liability and didn’t provide a suitable environment for thousands of people to gather to compete in an event recognized by the State as “official.” If you think that’s dumb, go down to Vienna and look those people in the eye and tell them that. Once you cease to judge the merits of their activity and see that literally thousands of Georgia taxpayers enjoy the benefits of the improvements, you might not think its so dumb. If you still think its dumb and want to tell those small business people and the folks who attend to celebrate their work and honor those who excel at it, you might just tote an ass whipping back to your compound.

  6. dingleberry says:

    We could roast Demonbeck and his Porker-in-Chief buddy, Jack “Bacon Boy” Kingston. They both LOVE Georgia Pork. I’m sure Sonny will be there…he can’t get enough pork either.

    you might just tote an ass whipping back to your compound.

    Shut up, John Walraven. You’re not going to do a damn thing. You’re a little p*ssy boy.

  7. John Walraven says:

    At least I’m man enough to comment under my name. It takes zer0 courage lob anonymous, tasteless garbage such as your comment, above.

  8. Jason Pye says:

    You, like the many members of our legislature, have completely lost of site of the purpose of government. Spending money on pork projects like this, and I could list project after project, is wasteful. If take a list of these worthless projects and approach citizens on the street and tell them how their legislature is spending their money, they would be floored.

    Our government should not spend money on something that could reasonably have been provided by a private group of citizens coming together for a common cause who could raise the money by seeking donations or seeking corporate sponsorships.


  9. John Walraven says:

    I agree with you on the Falcons stadium thing–what I had in mind was high school football stadiums and other similar public entities. I know that my high school, in addition to raising over $100K from private sources, got $25K from the State and was able to complete a stadium. However, when the state identifies something like the Big Pig Jig as an “official” event, I believe that their should be some level of support for it. Not in the form of an annual fiscal committment, but surely in the way of assisting its organizers in providing adequate grounds with an eye for the safety of the several thousand attendees. Its similar, I’d say, to an appropriation for the upkeep of a fairground.

  10. John Galt says:

    Jason is correct. The slippery slope toward total confiscation of tax dollars and liberty is greased by the pork of vote purchasing power …and the spit on which the pork turns is like the gears of government that never grind but keep turning, turning, turning until enough people can look up from the trough and say “no more!” Now give us back our liberty and you all go home. And if Budweiser and Pepsi and Tyson are sponsors can’t they find a few lobbyists and the like to pick up the rest of the tab? Hogzilla is not a hoax brothers and sisters he’s a metaphor!

  11. Jason Pye says:

    I think that is misguided. If you take that position on this pork project, then someone else could make a similar argument for their pork project.

    Government takes from the taxpayers under the threat of fine or imprisonment. I hardly believe that the taxpayers work hard to provide government with the money to fund the Big Pig Jig.

    I can think of nothing that would help your image right now.

    When we got Reagan, we were told by Clayton County that we had to have her fixed by a certain day. You make a comment that I “hate puppies” on the day that we happen to have the procedure done.

  12. dingleberry says:

    Victor Jones,

    We could call you a washed up journalist…or a 40 year old man who has a myspace page…

    Let’s just combine the two and call you a loser.

  13. dingleberry says:

    Jason Pye,

    Victor hasn’t been chatting online with babes all day. He doesn’t have any skills. Girls like guys with skills…numchuck skills…computer-hacking skills. He’s got no skills.

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