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  1. Rick Day says:

    ARRGH NO NOT HERE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Uh, look in the group photo of guys in red shirts and the Klingons. I am the one on the far right back row. Quit laughing!

    This photo was taken at a USS Republic vs Klingon Assault Group ‘challenge’.

    Some……furrie mistook the Klingons in the photo for members of the USS Republic.

    Are you still with me? QUIT LAUGHING.

    Ahem…anyway, we, the, uh, Klingons, did not know of this’ challenge’ until it was posted this week.

    Any moment now, I expect a link from Ice Station Zebra crew blogs goofing on this! Its a bonafide interweb phenomenon!

    Except, it ain’t gonna happen. Not yet. It will be rescheduled as a true FvK fracas, with Toy’s for Tots or similar charity. Possibly in November.

    QUIT laughing.

    postscript: the Klingons in this photo are: 2 Cobb County middle school teachers, a PhD, a consulting actuary for a Top 3 accounting firm, a disabled Iraqi war vet, a computer programmer and me, a business owner. The furries are all just pervs. Bwahahahaaaaaaaaa

    The red shits? (shrug) we slew them.

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