Fantasy Football: Week 3 results and standings.

Here are the results of this weekend’s games. Take special note that I remain unbeaten, though once tied. I see nothing that can stop me, least of all my next opponent, the Columbus Mudcats. 😉

Adam 41
Frigtards 49

Smyrna White Trash 64
Stat Padders 79

mmmm Cold Beer 117
the snugglers 99

Spudruckers 88
Melted Wings 66

Monday night quarter 110
Bad Newz Paperz 83

Columbus Mudcats 46
Al Smith’s Jihad 92

Samsonite Gorillas 58
‘Noles Win 82

Warsaw City Ferrymen 106
StrungOutStars 54

ShockleyShockers07 95
Sweep The Leg Johnny 54

Slobberknockers 115
Dacula Destroyer 61

Current Standings after week 3:

1. ShockleyShockers07 3-0-0
2. Monday night quarter 3-0-0
3. Al Smith’s Jihad 3-0-0
4. Frigtards 2-0-1
5. mmmm Cold Beer 2-1-0
6. Stat Padders 2-1-0
7. Slobberknockers 2-1-0
8. Spudruckers 2-1-0
9. Dacula Destroyer 2-1-0
10. ‘Noles Win 2-1-0
11. Columbus Mudcats 2-1-0
12. the snugglers 1-2-0
13. Sweep The Leg Johnny 1-2-0
14. Warsaw City Ferrymen 1-2-0
15. Bad Newz Paperz 1-2-0
16. Samsonite Gorillas 0-2-1
17. Melted Wings 0-3-0
18. Smyrna White Trash 0-3-0
19. StrungOutStars 0-3-0
20. Adam 0-3-0


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Smyrna White Trash has fired its entire coaching staff; they are free to return to their managing duties at the Dollar Store. I am now tapping the 3rd shift managing staff at the local Walmart.

  2. Icarus says:

    I guess my team is the Fred Thompson of the fantasy league. We’re still trying to decide if we want to play, or just stay at home with the hot wife…

  3. rugby_fan says:


    That pathetic excuse for a fantastical gridiron squad known as the Melted Wings shall not win a match before we learn of Congressman-Elect Broun’s swearing in ceremony.

  4. Icarus says:

    I’ll be bringing beer to Athens on Saturday. Don’t know if I can fit in the Friday night party, but just make sure that Rugby knows about the Paul Broun stuff, since he seems willing try his hand at the college pickem this week.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    Al Smith laughs at your pathetic excuses for teams. Jihad supporter Ahmanedinejad may have embarrassed himself in America this week, but the Jihad will embarrass all of you on Sunday.

    Praise be to Joseph Addai and Ben Roethlisberger!

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