Antonio Henton

Way to make Ft. Valley, GA proud!

Ohio State’s third-team quarterback and fourth-leading rusher has been accused of soliciting a prostitute, authorities said Tuesday.

Antonio Henton, a redshirt freshman, completed a pass in four attempts for 20 yards and also ran for 31 yards on seven carries in the eighth-ranked Buckeyes’ 58-7 win over Northwestern on Saturday.


  1. dingleberry says:


    How about we consider telling you to go screw yourself?

    I don’t like GHT either, but he’s added a lot more to the conversations around here than you.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    GHT? Who is that? I guess my brain ignores his posts like pop up ads, or ads for solutions day.

    My recommendation is to ignore trolls, don’t even comment in any way on what they say, and just talk to fellow adults.

    Either they will go away, or waste their time. When you react to them, they get what they want.

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