1. Bill Simon says:

    Is Newt planning on stopping Congress to throw himself into a personal and state-based matter? Tom Price willingly dove into the Terri Schiavo matter, right along with the guy holding his leash at the time, Tom DeLay.

  2. Federalist says:

    Tom Price is a piece of “expletive deletive.” He has consistently used his “frank” as a means of garnering support. That sleezy Bob Bar mustache and his sleak demeanor…he is a used car salesman. Plain and simple. I can not believe that Konop lost to this scum bag. It is a shame that the people of GA can not see through his lies and sleeziness. Tom Price…I will see you in hell

  3. cobber2 says:

    Federalist…..or should i say John Knop. Who else would complain about the use of franking by a sitting Congressman other than someone who couldnt raise enough money to compete against an incumbent? John Knop. Ironically, if everyone looks up all of the “federalist” comments on the Pundit you’ll find that most of the comments made by him were “cut and pasted” dirctly from Knop’s website. All of the problems we have in the world and “federalist” (John Knop) focuses on Franking? John Knop, have the guts to sign your name. Or should we call you “Mr. 10 Percent”?

  4. John Konop says:

    I have no idea who the Federalist is. But hey the GOP has it problems because at the end to many like you support pork spending bottom line!

    BTW if it was me do you not think Erick would not of made a big deal out of it?

  5. DMZDave says:

    Wow. So what did Tom Price do to warrant this level of vitriol? When I first heard Tom Price announce at a lunch that he was considering a run for Congress, I turned to a Georgia House member nearby and commented “if a guy as good as this guy is dumb enough to give up his great life in Roswell, move to DC and take all the abuse, we should be smart enough to vote to send him.”

    I admit I often find Bill Simon entertaining but he’s apparently never been a soldier because he knows nothing about the concept of proportional response. Bill, you don’t need a B-52 to take out a foxhole. You don’t like Tom Price, fine, make your point, argue your policy issue but why does everything have to be scorched earth with you? Why can’t you just object without being objectionable?

    And Federalist, Tom Price is not a used car salesman, he’s an orthopedic surgeon and gave up a lucrative practice to represent Roswell in the Senate and now in Congress. Used car salesman are normally too smart to make that kind of trade.

    Seriously, when I read these mindless, nasty, humorless attacks on Congressman Tom Price who is really a pretty decent hardworking guy, I can’t understand how we ever get anyone decent to run for public office. Except I guess it is pretty cool to have Newt Gingrich give you a shout out as one of the new up and comers on national television.

  6. Federalist says:

    Tom Price is a used-car salesman. I was refering to the scale of sleaz at which he rates. The John Konop comments,…I have never met Konop. I did vote for him when I was registered to vote at my residence in that district. If he decides to run again I will probably register at that residence again. Cobber2, my ideas about political affairs were developed well before I lived in Georgia…probably well before you were born. You would not know what is good for you if it presented to you on a silver platter. It is because of morons and hacks like cobber2 that there is any cynicism about the actions and successes of congress.

  7. Federalist says:

    Points are for young and ignorant people such as yourself cobber2. I am not Konop. If you have read any post that I have left, as you claim you have, you would know this.

  8. Donkey Kong says:

    DMZDave, cobber,

    Federalist prefers berating banter. I suppose he’s already maxed the $2,300 donation to Hillary’s campaign, so he vexes Republicans to “stick it to the man.”

    “Tom Price

  9. Toddrob says:

    DMZDave- great post. I too wonder how we ever get anyone decent run for office… especially now when people can sit behind their computer screen and spew venom with virtually no repercussion even if they have no idea what they are talking about…

  10. Bill Simon says:

    DMZDave (and, Toddrob),

    Besides lapping-up at the trough and voting for everything non-Republican (e.g., out-of-sight spending bills) for the 2 years that Price was in office under a GOP-dominated Congress, DO tell me exactly what Mr. Price has done that any Republican monkey could not have done while in the same legislative seat in Congress?

    Or, is my phrasing too “objectionable” since it deals with things in an objective way?

  11. John Konop says:


    The GOP comeback strategy via Congressman Tom Price?

    Support the failed pork driven No Child Left Behind!

    Spend money wastefully on the Highway Bill, Energy Bill, Farm Bill

  12. John Konop says:

    Just to stop rumors I am not running against Tom Price in 08. I have made business commitments and do not plan on running for office again until my kids are older.

    As far as my run cobb2 I did take close to a third of the vote in Cherokee county on a first run being out spent 20 to 1. I was also told by a pollster in a general election with funding as an Independent I would do well if I could get past the issue of ballet access.

    I was also asked by Democrats to run as a Lou Dobbs conservative on their ticket. I have been a Republican for as long as I can remember. Yet like many others I am frustrated with the hypocrisy in the GOP.

    I will say I have tremendous respect for Sue Everhart and Scott Johnson.

    That is why I tell people now I am independent and hoping for change.

    I do know with my radio show growing at 360% two books ago and another 56% last book that a lot of us are upset at both Parties.

    At the end all I am doing is getting a message out that is about being an American First. Principal before Party mat be hard fr you to understand.

  13. Federalist says:

    I have not written a check to Hilary Clinton. Candidates do not make great use of their money…that is why I give to 527 groups. They get really dirty and do not have that pesky 2300 dollar limit. So long as the GOP continues on the platform that money is speech…then I am going to make certain to exploit it. Tom Price is a sorry excuse for a legislator. Konop is right…he did not lose, the people of the 6th did. They elected a back benching grunt rather than a man of principle and integrity.

  14. “They get really dirty and do not have that pesky 2300 dollar limit.”

    It is sad what this country is becoming when the “process” of electing our officials comes down to how we can tear someone apart to make our candidate look better. Instead of a round track race to pick the best car/driver it has become a demolition derby to see who is the last man standing. I’m don’t think our founding fathers would be proud of that legacy. Then again, I’m just a naive middle aged man who still believes this is a great country where everyone is still free to pursue their dreams.

  15. DMZDave says:

    It is fun to wind up Bill Simon and watch him go. Anybody say Tom Price was a God or deserved a statue? I think what I said was Tom Price is a decent, hardworking man who represents the views of his district very ably. I do think we are lucky to have him and I know from personal experience he is one of the more thoughtful Congressmen in DC.

    He may not represent the views of the angry John Konop talk radio listeners or the folks that get on sites like these and offer angry vitriol but he does represent the people who are out doing what the 6th District does so well – making the economy grow, building new business and bringing prosperity to the 6th District and Georgia. And frankly for those who like to draw the comparisons to characters in “The Simpsons,” let’s be honest, there really are more Ned Flander’s kinds of folks in the 6th District than the Crusty the Clown Bill Simon types.

  16. John Konop says:


    You talk in circles. Why not deal with issues?

    Why do you support Tom Price via the issues?

    Support the failed pork driven No Child Left Behind!

    Spend money wastefully on the Highway Bill, Energy Bill, Farm Bill

  17. debbie0040 says:

    I meant the fight AGAINST Amnesty. Tom Price is a close ally of D.A. King and the fight for securing our borders and the fight against granting amnesty for illegals.

  18. Federalist says:

    I am playing by the rules that your ideology set up ray. conservatives decided that money was speech…well…I have a hell of alot more speech than most, why not take advantage of it? Is it right? Should the system change? Yes, but it probably will not because your party would never submit to full public funding of political campaigns. There are, admittedly, many dems that would oppose it as well…as a matter of fact, I would estimate that any vulnerable incumbent would be opposed to such reform.

  19. Federalist says:

    that issue is dead now. it did not help get the GOP elected in Nov, and probably will not come up again…even next congress I doubt we will see much discussion. You all know about Rove’s hand in making immigration an issue right? He thought it would take the heat off of the war and had operatives put together those rallies of immigrants carrying mexican flags. It worked in a sense, but failed in another. It was a good try, he is a brilliant politician…just not an ethical one.

  20. It was not “my” ideology that set this up. You seem to think that there is only black and white, that the two parties are so distict that by supporting one issue you support all issues. If I really thought my party (the party I choose to align myself with) was doing a bang up job I would be at the office right now doing my normal thing instead of running for office.

    It is nice that you have a lot of “voice”. I’m sure many of us would like to be as loud as you are. I suppose it was handed to you or did you earn it? Isn’t it a great country where you can earn your way up the ladder of success?

    BTW, the lunch offer is still on the table. I know I would find it interesting.

  21. John Konop says:


    I guess you agree with Tom Price on the issues in my above post. That is your right but please do not tell me you are a conservative or really want immigration reform. The facts are the facts!

  22. cobber2 says:

    NEWS ALERT*******NEWS ALERT*****Konop, you’re not running again? Wow, we were all on the edge of our seats just waiting for you to announce.

  23. dingleberry says:


    Konop isn’t Federalist, but I know who you are. If you don’t quit picking on Konop, I just might let your identity leak. I’m sure a man in your position wouldn’t want that to happen. Lord knows what certain people might think if they found out the stuff you said on here.

  24. gatormathis says:

    You heard it here first.

    I e-mailed posts from cobber3 and federalist over to CSI:Miami, and blind copied to CSI:Las Vegas also.

    The results are in: The fonts used are an exact match!!!! They are one and the same.

    (and I don’t think the CSI gangs cross-refrenced each other either.)

    Plus, Moe from the Simpson’s show says he has seen em in his bar.

    This column is begining to take on the shape of those Disney movies where they stick animated characters in with real actors.

    Confucious say: It is better to have fun than not.

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