1. Thanks for the political genealogy lovefest. Which one has the most experienced, progressive, well rounded background when it comes to multi-dimenstional Transportation & people centered Community Planning?

  2. Flatpickpaul says:

    Are we going to have a cost-benefit analysis on each candidate and push back the selection of the new commissioner until there’s gridlock in the line of candidates, or are we going with the person with most to gain from the stake private businesses are about to have on every new road in the state for the next 99 years?

  3. JRM2016 says:

    Dr. Abraham does not have any background in transportation, so far as I can tell. She does have some background in construction management but I wonder how actively involved the Commissioner is in managing the myriad of construction projects the DOT is involved in throughout the State.

    On the other hand, Vance Smith has a lifetime of experience in the construction industry and has served for over a decade on the House Transportation Committee, for the last several years as its Chairman. It seems to me the most important part of the Commissioner’s job is navigating the budgetary procedures in Atlanta to make sure the State’s transportation needs are met. Vance would seem to be by far the most qualified to handle this portion of the job. Also, as I understand it being Commissioner is also about making political decisions and weighing the interests of different regions of the State in parceling out the monies available for transportation projects. Again Vance would seem to be uniquely qualified to handle this balancing act with aplomb. The Commissioner of this Department is not a gubernatorial appointment and it should not be turned into one in a de facto sense because individual Board members fear the Governor. Rather it should be determined by who will best serve the people and there seems to be little doubt that Vance Smith would be a tremendous asset to the Department and would be ready to step into the job and go to work rather than requiring training in how to operate as an executive in that Department. Just my $.02

  4. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    What difference does it make? The highway and road designs suck. I say bring someone in from another state, have them clean out DOT. Then have them hire some competent engineers who know how to designe real interchanges and highways. Whoever designed 316, the original 316/85 junction, the disappearing lanes on the connector, Spag. Junction (Why is everyone so proud of that mess?), 285…should all be taken out into the courtyard and summarily executed.

  5. dingleberry says:

    It’s refreshing to know that our next DOT commissioner, regardless of who is chosen, will be another dim-witted, appointed political crony who doesn’t deserve the job.

    Thanks Republicans!

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