Ray McKinney No Longer Running for POTUS

He’s going to go after John Barrow in the 12th. He’ll be speaking to the Emanuel County GOP, I think this Thursday at 7pm. Ray, correct me in the comments if I’ve got the date wrong.


  1. Federalist says:

    I hope my remarks had something to do with it. Ray McKinney is a loser. He is still wasting his time. Even Congressmen are typically men of distinction and accomplishment…like Barrow. What has McKinney done? Nothing. I will see to it that he is embarrassed in this endeavor as well. Why? Some may ask. Because he is a recluse…so to speak. Where did this guy go to college? law school? grad school? what successful businesses has he run? This is absent from is presidential campaign site because he is just a loser in the midst of a mid-life crisis…just like dale cardwell. america does not elect losers ray…just remember..the supreme court gave bush the wh.

  2. drjay says:

    i believe he’s worked at gulfstream and now works at some sort of engineering firm–its not like he doesn’t provide for his family–you sound like a very elitist person–do you also believe only property owners should vote–to match your apparent snobbery about what makes an appropriate citizen legislator??

  3. Federalist says:

    I am no elitist, but I do believe that legislators should have some real accomplishments…not those psuedo-accomplishments that your average american holds so dear. All of a sudden fire fighters and cashiers are heros instead of normal people doing a job. It is like everyone desires praise and to be labeled as a distinguished person for doing less than average. For hamilton’s sake,…in GA they give students a 5 pt bump in their grades if they are in college prep…10 in ap. Stop lying to yourselves…average people do not belong in leadership positions. call it elitist…I call it american.

  4. I call it being an paranoid A-hole 😉

    What have you done Federalist to make a difference? Oh, I know, your not running for anything you prefer to run your mouth, LOL. This is America and anyone can run for office, it’s how this great country was founded, by people who were willing to give up a normal life and try to help govern their country.

    Embarass me? You embarass yourself with your whiny little tirades. Talk about accomplishments? What has our government accomplished lately? Both parties are guilty of playing politics. This country was founded by people who actually worked for a living. There weren’t a whole lot of degrees flying around back then.

    What have I done? Not much. Just managed to come up from a simple American family, work for the Defense Department, manage a few multimillion dollar projects, save some companies a few million in downtime, design a few pieces of interesting machinery, managed to stay married for 24 years, raise a son with no brushes with the law, you know, the vanilla stuff we all strive to do.

    Instead of whining about who is not good enough to run for office, sir, why don’t you do something to help this great country instead of putting people down who are willing to leave a 6 figure job and try to make a difference?

    You are part of the problem with this nation, at least I see you are not the norm around here and that gives me hope that this can be the nation it once was.

    There are two types of politicians out there, not those who are in Washington and those who want to be in Washington, but the ones who want to be in Washington and the ones that are willing to go to Washington. I have lived in this country for 45 years, I have been succesful, I don’t “need” to go to Washington but I am willing to. It’s time to pay back a little to the country that I care deeply about. What are you willing to do? Is it more important for you to “embarrass” someone rather than support someone? If you are such a Barrow fan then support your candidate.

    It makes me sick to see people like you who would rather tear something down instead of building something better. Oh well, I’ve wasted enough of my time dealing with someone who makes uninformed decisions based on some paranoia or personal inadequacy. Have a nice day.

    By the way, it was last Thursday I met with them. Oct. 10th is with the G-7 in Washington.

  5. Federalist says:

    and you said I go on tirades. Sir, I am in my seventies and can hardly stay awake for more than 6 hours at a time. Why run for office when you can just tell your congressmen what to do? I ran their campaigns and taught their children when they decided to go to college. You, mr. mckinney, do not have a strategic political mind. Like many men going through their mid-life, “I think I will run for office,” crisis…you are naive and do not understand what it takes to get into office, …not alone what you will actually be doing when you get there. I am not paranoid and know that I am not inadequate. I helped build a winning Barrow campaign last cycle, and I am helping support it now. In addition to giving him lots of money it also helps to get the inconvenient little opposition candidates out of the way. If you and edenfield are the best hopes for the gop in the 12th…it will not be a daunting task at all. Barrow has what, $1mil, he will probably report 1 and a quarter next week, and can easily raise another million by election day…if he needs to. as a matter of fact, he will probably be one of the most difficult incumbent democrats to out spend in the election cycle.

  6. Federalist says:

    barrow only has 3/4 million dollars on hand as of the 2 quarter…sorry for my relatively inaccurate statement earlier.

  7. 1) I have not even filed to run, so there is no money to report.

    2) It’s all about the money? Forget the people, look at the MONEY!! I have seen Barrow’s donor list. If it wasn’t for the DNC and out of state donors he wouldn’t be able to beat Cynthia McKinney.

    3) Statesmanship, so what is the list of “great” things that Barrow has done? He went to school, he became a lawyer, just what this district and this country needs. A professional politician.

    4) Let’s meet for lunch. Maybe you can talk me out of it, that would save your campaign some money. Yes I am serious, it would be an honor to meet someone who has gone through so much and has so much intimate knowledge of the political world, who knows, maybe you can talk some sense into me. Just because you think I am an idiot does not mean I share the sentiment. My treat.

  8. Federalist says:

    Naive, naive, naive. We live in America ray. People get their information from television. They meet their candidates on television. It costs a lot of money to advertise on television. Realistically, for a challenger to have a chance in hell at beating an incumbent they can not be outspent even 2 to 1. Realistically, you need to raise 3/4 to $1million dollars to even contend. Just what makes barrow a professional politician? Because he is an incumbent? To get elected and to be a congressman/president means you have to be a politician. Look at any donor list and see how much money comes from out of state. It is typically a third of the war chest for a house member. Another quarter to a third is pac/party money. This country was founded on pluralism as well mr. mckinney. Obviously something you have never heard of…or just do not understand. What is wrong with lawyers making laws? Half of the non-lawyer representatives have no idea what they are reading when they vote…so their staff or the party has to give them the cue cards. lawyers are not a bad thing to have in congress.
    *the filing I refered to was the one filed on 6/30 for the pres. comm.

  9. drjay says:

    it may be sort of thing the huddled masses do not notice or care about but barrow got a 75% rating from the ada (americans for democratic action) in 05 his 1st year in office as a freshman from athens–then magically became moderate from sav’h the next year w/ a 45% rating from the same group in 06–did his beliefs change that much in one year–or is he a pander bear politician who tempered his views when he knew a tough election was coming up? considering the closeness of his races barrow can certainly be beat by the right candidate–is ray that candidate (i don’t know) but if he’s willing to give it a go what’s it to you–there will be a primary and gop voters can decide who they want to carry that mantle–ray has been doing things lots of people talk about doing but never jump into the fray and actually do–that is actually an admirable trait, why do you have such disdain for that federalist?

  10. Federalist says:

    there are not 400 lawyers in dc. it is more like 270. barrow was a success and a man of distinction well before he ran for congress. I already had lunch with two very naive candidates and will not do it again.

  11. Bill Simon says:


    You forgot about the 400 lobbyists in DC, most of whom ARE lawyers, and most of whom craft the legislation.

    For a man in his seventies, you sure display a lot of ignorance throughout ALL of your posts.

  12. Gee, I had two blind dates and thought I would never do it again, but then I did and we have been married for 24 years. Funny how things work out.

    I actually thought meeting someone with your experience would really be interesting and I do mean that out of respect. You don’t even have to listen to a word I have to say, I would be interested in hearing your viewpoints. I do not write people off just because I don’t agree with the first couple of issues I hear.

    So if lunch is out, how bout breakfast?

  13. dingleberry says:


    I want my d*mn money back. I’m not kidding anymore. I gave you that money in good faith that you would be our next President. Now you’re quitting??? Give me my 100 bucks back.

  14. LOL, if you sent me $100 I sure missed the donation. I only had one of those and your not him. Check your bank account cause the check never cleared. Are you sure you didn’t send it to the other McKinney?

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