No News Is Good News

There isn’t much happening today so let’s have an open thread.

BTW, Lt. Gov. Cagle will be in Macon on October 4th at the Bibb County Courthouse for a forum.

Oh, and all sorts of groups are getting together to


  1. rugby_fan says:

    Florida State will win the BCS National Championship this year.

    Wins over Alabama, at VT, BC, and Florida should warrant such a chance.

    Yes, I am saying FSU will win every other game this season.

  2. dingleberry says:


    What do you call an FSU grad wearing a suit and tie?

    The defendant!

    If there is an FSU Wide Reciever, an FSU Quarterback, and an FSU Lineman in a car, who is driving?

    The cop!

    What did all FSU students get on their SATs?


    What do a UGA student and and FSU student have in common?

    They were both accepted into FSU.

    Did you hear about the fire in the FSU football dorms? It destroyed over 200 books. The sad part is, 1/2 weren’t even colored in yet!


  3. gwinnettman says:

    The speaker’s tax plan is nothing more than another give to the rich and steal from the poor plan. It took Georgia Republicans 10 years to catch up to Newt’s 1994 Republican Revolution. It will take a lot less for them to screw it up the way the national Republican party is imploding.

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