More voices speak out on Grady

Just as the Grady board considers a transition plan backed by the Metro Atlanta Chamber, two state legislators and a county commissioner have spoken out about the debacle.

Senate Majority Leader Tommie Leader has come out against any consideration of state funding for Grady until Emory answers questions about the unfairness of the Emory-Grady contract. Williams does not mince words, calling Emory’s controversial billing system a “hoax.”

State Representative Steve Davis is even stronger in this blog post. He outlines the problems with Emory “financially working over” Grady and says that the state should not have to pay to solve problems that it did not cause. He points out that Emory, which has been “egging on” the Metro Chamber to lobby for a state bailout, stands to gain full payment of highly questionable “past due bills” totaling $45 million.

DeKalb County Commissioner Elaine Boyer has gotten into the action, saying the transition plan being considered today does not address the fundamental problems of conflict-of-interest and unfair vendor contracts.


  1. griftdrift says:

    Sen. Davis also points out sometimes hospitals close.

    Let’s let that happen and see what disaster unfolds.

    At least it would alleviate certain counties *coughHenrycough* from ever having to assist in the payment for services provided to their citizens.

    This thing needs a real solution. Not ratcheted up rhetoric. I agree with Sen. Williams we need to make sure the deal is fair, but if the thing dies a horrible death while its studied in committee what’s the point?

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