Early Prognostications for the Speaker’s Plan: DOA

If these groups get their way.:

Groups representing Georgia’s senior citizens, teachers, school boards and local governments are banding together to fight what they call a risky plan to abolish property taxes and replace them with state taxes on groceries and services.
The groups contended that the plan, pushed by Republican House Speaker Glenn Richardson, would unfairly tax the poor and middle class, who spend more of their income than the wealthy, and make state tax revenue unpredictable, possibly hurting schools and other state services.


  1. eehrhart says:

    So many big tax officials so deathly afraid of allowing the people the opportunity to vote on this issue.

    THEY are saying that the people of Georgia are not smart enough to determine tax policy.

    I think they are!

    By the way the property tax is in the constitution so only a referenda by the people can change it.

  2. Jmac says:

    ‘These groups’ … please.

    There are sensible ways to go about property tax reform, but this is so clearly unpopular – not to mention unwise – it’s not even funny.

  3. dingleberry says:

    “The groups contended that the plan, pushed by Republican House Speaker Glenn Richardson…”

    Shouldn’t that read: “pushed by Liberal Republican House Speaker Glenn Richardson.”

  4. eehrhart says:


    Just curious….clearly unpopular with those who make their living from the property tax or the people who have to pay it?

    Latest poll shows that 80% plus of the people who pay the tax do not want it.

  5. Jmac says:

    With all due respect, I’d be curious to see the poll and the formation of those questions. Folks don’t like the property tax because folks are told repeatedly it’s ‘bad’ and because they’re not presented with a feasible and workable alternative.

  6. http://www.GBPI.org in Macon
    Tuesday 9/25/07
    Ramada Plaza, 1st Street Macon
    Preservation Hall A-D

    GBPI To Tour Georgia to Help Citizens Learn About Tax Reform and Modernization

    This fall, GBPI will host a series of meetings throughout Georgia. ‘Tax Reform: A Reality Check’ is designed to educate the public about proposals being discussed by state legislators that would make major changes to the state

  7. Painterman says:

    Jmac, I’m sure most people realy don’t mind the fact that they can never really own their property and have to pay till death a tax on it. And then they also have to pay a tax to die as well. Yeah, who wouldn’t like that system!!!

  8. eehrhart says:

    “Folks” are much smarter than politicians give them credit for.

    Taxpayers do not need people to tell them how offensive and unjust the property tax system is. They figure it out all on their own.

  9. eburke says:

    I don’t want to pay income tax, when do I get to vote that out too! We elect the General Assembly to make wise policy decisions. I hope they will have a thorough debate on the subject and not push a plan through in four days as the Speaker has suggested. Maybe after thoughtful debate they will come up with some well planned tax reform.

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