Sugarloaf Madam arrested on drug charges.

AJC: Sugarloaf ‘madam’ arrested again

Lisa Ann Taylor was arrested on three felony drug charges and one misdemeanor drug charge, according to the Gwinnett County jail Web site. She is being held on $2,300 bond for the misdemeanor charge, but there is no bond on the felony charges, Richardson said.

Taylor was arrested about 10 p.m. after leaving a friend’s house while riding as a passenger in a car pulled over by police in Duluth for weaving in the road, Richardson said. She was alleged to have cocaine and prescription drugs, he added.

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  1. Rick Day says:

    Does this not make you feel safe that the police are pursuing such high priority crime?

    Better yet, someone her to one my my BUSTED: HOW TO SURVIVE POLICE ENCOUNTERS presentations.

    Sheesh. Go police! Yay drug war!

  2. Mark Rountree says:

    Rick apparently believes that police should not enforce the laws on the books, that they should pick and choose which ones to enforce.

    Nice third-world thinking.

    Rick, she was allegedly found with cocaine in a car that was weaving on the road.

    What kind of goofy world do you live in where you believe that a person who has already been arrested for a series of problems ((and being investigated for more), who is in a car that is (allegedly) weaving on the road and endangering innocent people, and who (allegedly again) has cocaine with them….

    …should be released free and clear?

    Not even those who espouse legalized drugs (apparently cocaine in this instance) believe that the morons who do them should go out in public places.

    Thanks, Duluth police. I happen to live in this town.

  3. liberator says:

    Nobody supports driving under the influence. Of course Taylor was a passenger in the car not the driver. Lisa is a great businesswoman who should be applauded!

  4. atlantaman says:

    I believe the Libertarian philosophy is that it’s perfectly okay to drive, fly, boat, operate heavy machinery, raise children, and cook while completely stoned out of your mind. But if something goes wrong, such as killing a family while driving under the influence of crack cocaine, then you have to take responsiblity for your actions through a jail sentence, civil lawsuits, etc..

    As long as you don’t infringe on anyone elses personal rights, like taking their life away, while doing your debauchery – then everything is A-OK. It’s all about personal responsiblity.

  5. liberator says:

    It is all about personal responsibility but the Libertarian Philosophy does not support driving under the influence of drugs or booze or flying a plane or riding a boat as this by definition put’s others at risk. Taylor was not the driver in this case,she was the passenger.

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