Time To Get Back On The List

I realized something had happened about a month ago when the volume of 800 calls skyrocketed at my house. Sure enough, my time was up on the Do No Call list. Here is how to get back on it.

There are two ways to get your phone number listed on the


  1. gatormathis says:

    I love these “peoples” to call me.

    Just the other day, I received a “Dish Network” call from a lady. She was very cordial, and really thought I needed the dish system.

    After a lil bit of conversation, I found out she was calling me from Manila, the Phillipines. I went on then to ask her how she liked the dish network system at her house.

    Funny thing, she said she didn’t have dish system at her house, as it wasn’t in the Phillipines.

    I expressed my views on so many people here killing each other might be related to the CSI: Miami man having about 15 or 20 folks killed on his show every day. Easily estimated figure, time you figure all the different times and channels he appears on daily, along with other killing shows.

    Yet she said “Oh yes, I like CSI show very much”, which makes me wonder if they get to watch it at the call centers, on computer, satellite, or some other piped in venue, just not at home.

    I said, “Truly amazing, you want to sell me something, you can’t even have”……………

    I just always love to find out how far away these people are calling from.

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