Now Pay Attention County Commissioners

You can kill the present Forest Hill Road plan.

County Attorney Virgil Adams told Bibb County commissioners Tuesday night that they have the legal authority to halt a controversial road project.

Prompted by Commissioner Joe Allen, who asked two weeks ago if the county could scrap the Forest Hill Road project that many residents oppose, Adams responded:


  1. tell em, EE, tell em bro but don’t be surprised when someone in govt starts abusing their power and rifling through your trash can late at night.
    just make sure it’s off the right of way and in view of your outdoor cams.
    are we having fun yet?

  2. This whole action makes no sense. How many years and how many millions of tax dollars have been squandered? Another fine example of government gone awry. But isn’t this par for Bibb County these days.

  3. The City of Macon is in the heart of Georgia. Smack dab in the middle of the state. The Georgia Department of Transportation, funded by YOUR tax dollars (even though your not from Macon), has poured millions into developing a road that no one wants and no one needs. It’s a classic example of wasteful and intrusive government, which has everything to do with Georgia.

    Kind of reminds me of the issue surrounding the annexation bill that affected the small business near Atlanta. Although this isn’t the same issue, it is still evidence of a broken and dysfunctional government that doesn’t know how to listen and solve problems.

    These people have been at odds with the Commission for more than a decade. One Commissioner, conveniently has changed his tune after 16 years (regardless of the time frame, its never too late to do the right thing).

    It would seem to me a simple solution would be for the commission to have a meeting with the affected parties, listend and amend the plan. With technology and all the information already been done, good grief they’ve already spent multiple millions of dollars on research with written detailed plans. Surely they could be amended then move on.

    Why put someone through governmental purgatory for 10 plus years?

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