Bill Campbell to surrender law license

The former Atlanta Mayor has offered to surrender his law license and apparently will not appeal his conviction:

until he filed his surrender notice on Friday, Campbell’s Georgia law license was suspended. The Georgia Supreme Court took that step last November, five months after he was convicted on three counts of federal tax evasion and sentenced to 30 months in federal prison to be followed by a year on probation.

Campbell also had to pay the government almost $63,000 in back taxes and a $6,000 fine. Prosecutors contended Campbell had evaded paying taxes on about $200,000.

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  1. drjay says:

    i think i have a problem w/ this–i am pretty sure the mayor was a democat and according to the kids over at the tavern only gop politicians are corrupt…

  2. David says:

    That’s mighty nice of you, Bill, to offer now to surrender your license, since you should have done it the day after you were originally convicted. Hope you look forward to another 18 months in the klink.

  3. jm says:

    I call ’em as I see ’em. Campbell is a louse, Jefferson in La. is a louse, Murtha is an unindicted louse, and so are Stevens, Murkowski, and Young (all from the great state with a lot of nowhere: Alaska) , along with all the ones we’ve already caught. Its not about the party, its about putting the money before the party.

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