Lisa Borders Announced As Obama Co-Chair

State Representatives Roger Bruce and Howard Mosby joined over 1,000 people at the Georgia World Congress Center to hear Illinois Senator Barack Obama as he brought his presidential campaign back to Atlanta.

During his remarks, Obama touched on the common themes of his campaign including his initial opposition to the war in Iraq, his plan for universal health care for all Americans, as well as his dissatisfaction with the special interest groups in Washington. Obama also announced that Atlanta City Council President Lisa Borders had signed on as one of his campaign co-chairs in Georgia.

One of Obama’s other state campaign co-chairs, Congressman Sanford Bishop (D-Georgia) said, “Obama can lead us to the promised land.”

Prior to the Obama speech, Temo Figueroa, the campaign’s national field director, urged those in attendance to travel to South Carolina. “We have to do well in South Carolina,” Figueroa said. “We have to do well in the first primary in the South.”

Figueroa mentioned that the Obama campaign is sponsoring buses from the metro-Atlanta area to send volunteers to the neighboring Palmetto State on Saturday, September 29th.


  1. Andre, since this might be a quiet topic but does include Presidential stuff.

    This might be a little over the average Peach Pundit Reader’s head but:

    Let’s take a moment to thank President Bush and his Saudi Royal Family friends for the upcoming US $Dollar vs world currency Crash…
    Hope Erick thought ahead and got some German Deutsche Marks while he was in Germany.

  2. Harry says:

    I think you must mean Erick should have picked up some Euros, not German Marks. Also, you can blame the Democrat entitlement programs since LBJ, and resulting deficit financing….not Bush.

    Anyway, you can open up an e*trade global trading account and buy all the Euros you need. Mine have appreciated over 2% in the last three weeks.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    Well, now Borders will have even less precious time to commit to City of Atlanta constituent issues. This might help explain why our long-standing issues, and long letters, to her and other member of the Atlanta City Council about City water billing concerns in my neighborhood by numerous homeowners have yet to be responded to. I feel Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton’s pain; Obama is sucking attention from everyone and everything about right now.

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