Paging Karen Handel

She’ll want to pay attention to this.

Georgia’s new photo ID voting requirement didn’t seem to draw complaints from voters or cause people to be turned away during Tuesday’s special election in Bibb County.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office didn’t report problems in any of the other 22 counties holding special elections either, in what amounted to a trial run for the new rule.

The Macon-Bibb County Board of Elections issued five IDs to voters who didn’t have them Tuesday, including at least one man who showed up at his precinct and was told he’d have to come back with a picture before he could vote. But beyond that, there were no problems or complaints, Elections Supervisor Elaine Carr said.

Worth noting — the election was held in a predominately black Commission district through the heart of inner-city precincts with clump of rural voters on the southern side. This was the stereotypical type of area wherein people have claimed we see problems.

Obviously, there is an unknown — how many people just didn’t bother to go vote. I suspect, however, that we would have heard about these people prior to the election. And we did not.


  1. MidGaDawg says:

    Yeah but… Macon is still a big city. Macon has a driver services bureau where you can get an ID made; Macon has public transit; Bibb is a small (area) county and everyone in Bibb County lives fairly close to the central city; there are lots of charitable and political entities that might have helped people get IDs; and in a city, you need an ID to do stuff (other than vote) because you don’t know everybody you see on a daily basis.

    I think the ID controversy is over-rated… but still, just because poor/black/old people in Macon could vote OK, I’m not sure the same holds true in a very small town far removed from the metro areas.

  2. SouthFultonGuy says:

    Inconvenient facts:

    Despite all of the hand wringing over supposed disenfranchised voters, years of looking for them and some of the highest paid attorneys in the state, the Democrats and their sympathisers have not come up with one legal voter denied the opportunity to vote because they could not produce a voter ID.

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