Expanding MARTA Maybe?

This might give an incentive.

tlanta has the second worst congestion in the country, though there has been some improvement, according to the study. In 2005, Atlanta drivers wasted an average of 60 hours a year in traffic delays – down from 70 hours a decade earlier.

A 2005 task force appointed by Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue called for directing more resources toward mitigating traffic congestion in the Atlanta area.

As I said in the previous post, a friend of mine — and a solid conservative — has been studying light rail systems around the country for what works and does not work. He used Atlanta as a prime example of what does not work.

The population density around the MARTA stops ain’t great in Atlanta and the stops are too far between points. Basically, he was explaining to me, if you rezone around light rail stops to encourage an increase in urban density, you’ll find more people walking, more neighborhoods, and decreased crime.

A great example he gives is Arlington County in Virginia vs. Fairfax County in Virginia. Arlington went with the idea of people living near the Metro stops and walking there. Fairfax went with the idea of people driving to the Metro stops and going from there. As a result, traffic congestion has continued to increase in Fairfax, while in Arlington there are very densely populated neighborhoods around the metro stops, but traffic is not has horrendous as Fairfax.

When Atlanta really gets serious about it’s Belt Line plan, it’s going to really need to consider this stuff.