Democrats and Grady

If Emory University was expecting the Democratic Party to defend the college’s exploitation of Grady Hospital, it is time start work on Plan B. Days after the Democrats on the DeKalb County Commission suggested that Grady slash its payments to Emory, Ron Marshall of the New Grady Coalition wrote a scathing op-ed that is up now at Go DeKalb and Insider Advantage.

Marshall says Emory has been caught with its hands in cookie jar:

Atlanta’s public is just discovering the fault lines between two of the historic partners for healthcare, Emory University and Grady Memorial Hospital. But this is not a new story. In 2000, Dr. Samuel Newcom of Emory University School of Medicine predicted that the expansion of Emory Crawford Long Hospital would result in “class cleansing” at Grady Memorial Hospital, with Emory cherry picking the profitable patients for Crawford Long.

Emory fired the audacious Dr. Newcom but history has proven him right.

He then rips into the Emory-Grady relationship:

Investigators with the nonpartisan Georgia Senate Research Office have shown what the community has known for years


  1. Harry says:

    Maybe it’s time for Emory to demand that Grady get a nonpolitical legal structure and hire competent management, or they will terminate the relationship. Why should Emory submit themselves to inept people who can’t even negotiate a contract and instead take their perceived unfair contract to the headlines? Emory can exist very nicely without relying on Grady. There are plenty of training opportunities in the suburbs.

    Emory of course will be more politically correct in their approach but I suspect the outcome of this little charade will end up costing the Fulton-Dekalb taxpayer more, not less. Caveat Emptor.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    They gotta take all those high school teens who chronically crash their Daddy-funded Beamers somewhere. We only hear about the DOA ones too; imagine all the brain trauma injuries associated with bad suburban teen driving alone.

  3. Harry says:

    Ah, the old “level one trauma center” standby.

    What if Emory should decide to sponsor establishing a level one trauma center in Cobb or Gwinnett? Trauma is all over.

  4. Harry says:

    Spacey, you got no argument from me in regard to bad teen driving in the suburbs although I’m not sure it’s related to the topic, “Democrats and Grady”.

  5. GodHatesTrash says:

    Of course, the knock on Grady for years has been the “incompetent management”, you know how “those people” can’t run anything. But a much much larger problem seems to be all the nice doctor and university types that want to squeeze every last dollar they can out of the system.

    When you get right down to it, black folks’ incompetence is rarely ever as big or as bad as white folks’ thievery.

    Hats off to Senator Shafer for digging in on this one, and getting the finger pointing headed in the right direction. Perhaps Emory can kick some that Coca Cola $$ back Grady’s way, for starters.

  6. SpaceyG says:

    Speaking of the ‘burbs, and getting a little back on track here… I think Sam Olens, at the now infamously closed-to-the-public Hour of Grady Power Show, tried to explain that they too in Cobb County had a charity hospital that was, like Grady, bleeding money. In the red. Not getting enough Medicaid reimbursement, etc.

    Yet the Grady board was asking for ALL metro counties, including Cobb, to help bail out Grady, when Grady is already funded by Dekalb and Fulton taxpayers. In other words, Cobb couldn’t begin to help ease another county hospital’s budget crisis when they couldn’t even help their own kind.

    Then again, I keep hearing over and over that Grady is “the only Level 1 trauma center in North Georgia.” So the premise there is that ALL 28 metro Atlanta counties should help pay into it since it’s, again, the only one.
    It’s all rather confusing.

  7. These numbers may be a little off, but Grady gives approximately $37 million per year in indigent care to residents of counties other than Fulton and DeKalb. At the same time, however, Fulton and DeKalb residents are getting approximately $22 million in indigent care from hospitals outside of Fulton and DeKalb. If you came up with a system requiring counties to reimburse each other for indigent care, it would mean $15 million in additional revenue for Grady.

    That is not much of a dent in Grady’s problem, but I am convinced that Grady will be saved not by one $300 million solution but by a dozen or more $10, $20 and $30 million solutions.

    The Gwinnett Hospital System just cut $20 million from its $400 million non-fixed budget. The CEO would tell you that the system is stronger today because of those cuts, not weaker. I think he is right.

    The shrill voices are dominating the debate about Grady, but I continue to believe that this budgetary “crisis” is a good thing. We have an opportunity now to finally get Grady’s house in order.

  8. Boy, isn’t it ironic that Emory stands in the way of the #1 Republican healthcare “priority” aka CON reform? And that now Republicans are going out of their way to make Emory villain #1 in the public eye?

  9. Chris says:


    Republicans like Vincent Fort, Bob Holmes, Ron Marshall, Connie Stokes and Larry Johnson?

    I know this might be surprising to you, but keeping Grady around is important enough that Democrats and Republicans are working together to come up with a solution.

  10. Crabtree says:

    Republican or Democrat, Senator Shafer is the only one making any sense out of this Grady mess. Thank you, Senator Shafer, and please keep up the good work!

  11. Harry says:

    I appreciate David Shafer’s honest approach and hard work, but what’s needed is not necessarily a compromise but rather a solution that may result in major shakeups on all sides. After my experience at Grady a few years ago, when I was in intensive care, received extensive procedures by dedicated staff, was released, and no effort was made to bill me or collect from me – even though I could afford to pay – I realized that the administration is worthless. I have read that they received hundreds of millions for renovations in the early 90s, but some floors still remain un-renovated. Then when I read about the apparently one-sided Emory contract, I don’t blame Emory so much….rather I blame those Grady administrators and politicians who acquiesced in this deal at the expense basically of the poor dumb property taxpayers of Fulton and Dekalb.

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