It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day ye landlubbers. Ye ought make note of it fore we make ye walk the bloody plank.


  1. Icarus says:

    The Pirate Name Generator:

    Icarus = Can’t-Remember-Where-The-Damn-Treasure’s-Buried Guideon.

    Sonny Perdue = Pirate Ted the Hatless
    Johnny Isakson = No Neck Ross
    Saxby Chambliss = Not-So-Keen-On-The-Womenfolk Quincy
    Vernon Jones = Saggin’ Jowls Quincy
    Jack Kingston = Sea Monkey Baird
    Sanford Bishop = Whinin’ Enrico Dregg
    Lynn Westmoreland = Butterfingers Macon
    Hank Johnson = Fineglin’ Wally Teach
    John Lewis = Pirate William the Hatless (related to the Gov?)
    Tom Price = Puffy Shirt Sully
    John Linder = Smarmy Gideon Straw
    Jim Marshall = Pirate Radley The Well Tanned
    Nathan Deal = Wankin’ Bobby Cooke
    Paul Broun = Cap’n Joe Jailbait (If he ever gets sworn in)
    Phil Gingrey = Cap’n Ozzy Keelhaul
    John Barrow = Pirate Hannibal the Pale
    David Scott = Fish Breath Ian

    Argh, thars a bit better one in here, but we’ll be savin that one fer temarrow.

  2. Icarus says:

    Now that the pirate thing is over, take a look at the pirate name generator linked above. There are also links to your “Gansta Name”, “Mexican Wrestler Name”, “Mafia Name”, and my favorite, “Significant-Other Pet Name”.

    I really wish we had access to this fine piece of technology when we were trying to find the official nickname for Vernon Jones. His Significant Other Pet Name is:

    Hamster Crotch

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