The dreaded tie.

Here’s the Peach Pundit Partisan fantasy football league results for week two. The Samsonite Gorillas and I were the victims of the dreaded fantasy football tie. Oh well, there’s always next week.

Samsonite Gorillas 66
Frigtards 66

mmmm Cold Beer 88
Stat Padders 135

Slobberknockers 90
the snugglers 73

Spudruckers 104
Smyrna White Trash 84

Monday night quarter 87
Melted Wings 77

Columbus Mudcats 76
Bad Newz Paperz 55

Adam 44
Al Smith’s Jihad 77

Warsaw City Ferrymen 57
‘Noles Win 77

ShockleyShockers07 92
StrungOutStars 57

Dacula Destroyer 119
Sweep The Leg Johnny 92

The current standings after week two are:

Al Smith’s Jihad 2-0
Columbus Mudcats 2-0
Dacula Destroyer 2-0
Monday night quarter 2-0
ShockleyShockers07 2-0
Frigtards 1-0-1
Bad Newz Paperz 1-1
mmmm Cold Beer 1-1
‘Noles Win 1-1
Slobberknockers 1-1
Spudruckers 1-1
Stat Padders 1-1
Sweep The Leg Johnny 1-1
the snugglers 1-1
Samsonite Gorillas 0-1-1
Adam 0-2
Melted Wings 0-2
Smyrna White Trash 0-2
StrungOutStars 0-2
Warsaw City Ferrymen 0-2


  1. Doug Deal says:

    Wow, when you have 3 starters from both sides of a 51-45 score, you really get a lot of points.

    Now if only my supposed #1 on the depth chart WR Lee Evans would get more than 17 yards in a game… (He has given me 1 point in two games)

  2. Icarus says:

    I could blame it on my 16th position in the draft, but I’ll just accept the fact that I’m a loser and move on.

    Do you think anyone will tell us when and where we can see Barry Flemming sworn in?

  3. rugby_fan says:

    Look if we’ve gone this long without any news of Broun’s ceremony, what makes you think we will ever know of Flemming being sworn in!

    If Broun is not sworn in, are they allowed to have an election for his seat?

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