South Fulton voting today…

If y’all don’t know, South Fulton is voting today. I think the pro-city forces have run a good clean campaign, and hopefully we can pull out a “W”. I’ll keep you posted, but until then, consider this an open thread.


  1. NonPartisanGA says:

    I guess the running a clean campaign assessment ignores the actions of Mark James a Steering Committee Member for “South Fulton Concerned Citizens”.

    Last week he sent a Regency Hills Subdivision security guard after one of his fellow neighbors as she was placing VOTE NO flyers on mailboxes.

    Then he proceeded to drive through the subdivision pulling the flyers off of people

  2. jm says:

    I was once told by a mailman that it is illegal to put anything on or in a mailbox that is not official mail.

    Pulling up signs is not cool though. Democracy works best when we are informed of the facts. Since fewer people actually look for the facts, votes tend to come down to popularity contests..who do you think will win? The guy with the most signs.

    I knew Hank Johnson was going to beat McKinney when I was in South DeKalb and there were as many Johnson signs as there were McKinney. I knew on the north side of DeKalb, you couldn’t find McKinney signs anywhere.

  3. The Comma Guy says:

    As I went to sleep last night, WSB and one of the Fulton County Commissioners, were telling folks that today was a waste of your vote as the DOJ hadn’t signed off on the new election date.

  4. Andre Walker says:

    First, Buzz, I’m not answering that question until after today’s election.

    Second, NonPartisanGA, tell me which is worse…

    …Pulling up yard signs or using government funds to influence an election. Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards still has to face the State Ethics Commission regardless of how this vote turns out as he has constantly mis-used his office to affect the results of today’s vote.

    Third, if the Dept. of Justice says this election is illegal, then we’ll just have to do it all over again on the next available special election date.

  5. NonPartisanGA says:

    It is ridiculous and rather naive not to expect any politician to go right up to the line of legality to maintain their power.

    Even if he’s crossed it and found guilty sometime next year, your efforts seem to be more about personal retribution for campaigning against your city because its not like they would overturn an election.

    So Edwards pays a fine and reimburses the county for some printing costs and emails sent. What have you accomplished other than getting distracted from your goal like you guys did trying to overturn annexations?

    Bottom line is there is a difference between suspicions of abuse and evidence. Where’s the beef dude?

    You may win a skirmish, but you lose the war…see you at the celebration errr I mean consolation party tonight!!!

  6. davishd says:


    I thought if the Justice Department overturned the election it would have to go back to the legislature in 2008 to fix if they choose to the flawed enabling legislation they did not like.

    I am still researching this but I don’t believe there is just an automatic rescheduling of the election at the next special election window.


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