I should probably read more of my e-mails…

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…Yesterday, I received an e-mail that I didn’t read at first glance, and now, I realize that I probably should have because the e-mail had some potentially damaging information concerning the Fulton County Police Dept. and Fulton County Commissioner William “Bill” Edwards. Here’s what was attached to the e-mail I received:

The picture above is a copy of a memo sent to Fulton County Police officers patrolling the South Fulton area from Major C. Turner. The e-mail requests that Fulton County police officers “volunteer” and hand out fliers to “support the continuation of ‘unincorporated’ and future non-annexation of Fulton County.

Now you know what the pro-city forces have been up against.

On a related side note, my reports on the ground are telling me that turnout is high is some areas and low in others. In one of the high turnout areas, I know the “Yes” votes are in full force. In the other high turnout areas, I’m not so sure which side is winning the day. At my home precinct, about 60 to 70 voters had come in by 9:00 this morning (my home precinct has over 2,000 registered voters)


  1. Decaturguy says:

    Gosh, does somebody really care?

    At least you can’t prohibit comments here on Peach Pundit about your South Fulton propoganda like you do on your own blog.

  2. dingleberry says:

    As long as white male voters get to run whatever governing body ends up ruling South Fulton, then we’ll support whatever happens. We will say that we were pleased when the North Fulton cities incorporated!

  3. Decaturguy says:

    Oh, yeah, whatever White Male Voter, aka Dingleberry.

    I also question whether Andre is really “straight,” so that blows your stupid theory.

  4. jm says:

    1) I think commenting on Andre’s blog has been turned off across the board. It may be a coding error. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

    2) This is highly actionable. As a school employee, we were all sent a mass email about what we could and could not do during a political campaign. Things of this nature where specifically forbidden as illegal. Showing up in a t-shirt as a volunteer is fine; asking others through gov’t email or stationary to lend support is unethical, esp. by a superior.
    I don’t think you can get Bill Edwards on this one, but the Major and Captain are certainly accountable and could face demotions, suspensions, or fines. Termination, loss of certifications probably not, but I’m not a lawyer.

    Go get ’em Andre! (But we do all realize that you do have a dog in this hunt…you aren’t doing this to be fair, you are doing this for your gain)

  5. Harry says:

    So the South Fulton cityhood referendum got defeated. Where does this leave the Fulton County taxpayers? Pretty much screwed, it would seem…they have to continue funding the (inept) county bureaucracy. Also, the Atlanta (inept) political class can continue efforts to annex unincorporated portions of South Fulton to shore up their black voter base.

  6. drjay says:

    o.k i guess i am a simpleton but i am not sure i see what the big huge deal about this county /city thing is i did not think they were analagous entities i would think the relationship is like that of states to the country–there are states in the usa that have certain functions as well as territories that perform some of the functions of the states while others are the responsibility of the federal gov’t–in the same way you have counties w/ cities in them and unincorporated areas where the county performs the functions of the city–in addition you have other functions that are exclusively the perview of the counties like county jails and sherriffs dept’s–and some overlappy stuff that could be city ro county or both (public libraries, health dept’s , sanitation etc…) is that not the case? it seems to me in fulton that the logical way for it to be governed would be that everyone in the county (regardless of if they are in a city or not would pay for “county things” the jails, courts, libraries or whatever that everyone in the county can benefit from and that unincorporated area would have a “special services district” that would basically be a water bill to pay for the things a city would normally do–is this not what they do? is it not what they should do?

    is the ultimate fate of this area to be annexed by other cities now???

    i don’t know that’s why i’m asking?

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