Concerned Citizens of X

NIMBY alert in Northeast Georgia.

Efforts to build a regional airport in Northeast Georgia barely have gotten off the ground, but a group of Barrow County residents already are banding together to fight it.

A newly formed group, Concerned Citizens of Barrow County, will hold an organizational and information meeting tonight on a fledgling proposal for a regional airport that could be built near Winder. Although such an airport would not be built for at least another decade, organizer David Brock said opponents want to get an early jump on fighting it.


  1. If they’re worried about destroying Barrow’s rural character they may want to target the county commission. When I drive through Barrow county on the way to Athens I think “suburbs” not farmland.

  2. Federalist says:

    why did that need to be dragged into this Blackfinday? As a matter of fact, rural suburbs (also known as “exurbs”) = educated and wealthy…you know high S.E.S. Like Reynolds Plantation or the Gov’s. Preserve….or take the Cliff in Asheville, NC. It is not race that is prevalent…it is success.

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