Cardwell, Jones Vs. Chambliss &c.

There is a new poll in the race to lose to face Saxby Chambliss and a dozen other issues.

Head to head, Chambliss gets 49% and 53% of the vote against Cardwell and Jones respectively, while the two challengers get 33% and 28%, also respectively. 18% chose “other” or “not sure” in both races.

52% say Perdue is performing well or excellently.

Some senator from New York loses in every head to head match up for president, but interestingly, 26% of all respondents


  1. JamesStratfield says:

    Good to see Saxby with the big lead. He is certainly a hard worker for Georgia and deserves even better poll numbers.

  2. JDP says:

    I’d echo what James said above, not surprising that Saxby has such a large lead but still its very welcome and deserved.

    Saxby will definitely be an asset in the Senate for another 6 years.

  3. Federalist says:

    I am not going to praise Saxby Chambliss, but I will denounce the 2 democratic candidates (the other one, rand knigh, is hardly worth mentioning). I think nearly all peachpunditers know about how corrupt vernon is, so I will limit my criticism to that trifle of a candidate they call dale cardwell.
    He is a joke. He was obviously afraid to run against chambliss in the gop primary, and thought he would have more of an edge in a general election. This, however, means that he has to raise more money…and he can not. According to my source he still has not broken $100k…and if he plans on merely appearing as a legitimate candidate, he will need half to three-quarters a million dollars by the third-quarterly report and if he does not have a million by years end…he can kiss his mid life crisis good bye. I also caught wind yesterday evening that there may be a complaint from the FEC about some of his “fundraising” and disclosure practices. I will not get into details, it is so far only a rumor.

    Where oh where is a good democrat to run in this race?!? I wish Sam Nunn would come back, or even for Jim Butler to run…Barrow would make a formidable opponent and already has a million dollars raised that he can transfer into a senate campaign committee. Cathy Cox anyone? The democrats can do better than this, especially after what Chambliss did to Cleland in 2002.

  4. Jmac says:

    Regarding the certain New York senator … did anyone really expect her to perform that well in Georgia.

    Much to my chagrin, this is a Red State like you wouldn’t believe. The only Democratic candidate who could make this state interesting is Obama, and even then it’s a mighty steep mountain to climb.

  5. GeorgiaValues says:

    The weakness of the Democratic field is due to a number of factors:

    1) The Democratic bench is very weak. As the state party, house and senate leadership, and constitutional officers have picked off democrats across the state at all levels, leaving the Democrats with few officials left in position to move up.

    2) The state democratic party is in disarray. Vernon Jones’ spokesperson hit the nail on the head in Saturday’s AJC article and called them irrelevant. They have no leadership, no fundraising ability, and no crediblity.

    3) Saxby has done an overall good job of representing this state, standing up for conservative principles, protecting our important agricultural interests (still Georgia’s number one employer), and treating our members of the armed services with the respect they deserve.

    If the DPG had any sense, they would give up on the U.S. Senate race and instead target lower level seats (like the PSC ). They could take a second tier candidate, focus all their efforts and money on that one race and try to reverse the consistent losing streak they have been on.

    If they were to take this approach, it might enable them to begin to rebuild their bench…but I doubt they have the long-term perspective and dedication necessary to do this.

  6. BlackfinDay says:

    Well, I think quoting VJ’s spokesperson on the state party is sort of pointless. The state party is never going to get behind Jones becasue he’s a crook and an embarrasment… so of course his camp is going to label them “irrelevant.”

    I think the DPG has already taken your advice,Values. I don’t see them wasting much thought or time on this race. They may be in disarray, but they know three losers when they see ’em. (I know, I know, I opened the door for a THOUSAND snarky comments with that one…). That’s why I would expect more “irrelevancy” comments from these three candidates as this race progresses.

  7. Federalist says:

    Georgia values is absolutely right. I would stoop to the PSC though. If they could get a bunch of democratic judges elected there could started to be a big change, but I doubt that the DPG will be able to help anybody get elected if the candidates are going to be vernon jones or dale cardwell. The state GOP would have the same problem if every candidate were bill greene or ray mckinney.

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