Cap Fendig for President?!?!

I haven’t paid enough attention to Ray McKinney running for President. But this off the tip line really made me laugh.

Maybe there’s something in the air, wafting out from the peach orchards or the peanut fields.

In any case, at least four Georgians are running for president – or thinking about it.

Many folks know about the thinking-about-its: former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

A few might recognize the name of one of those actually running: Ray McKinney of Savannah.

The latest Peach Stater to catch White House fever is Glynn County Commissioner Cap Fendig.

He co-owns St. Simon’s Transit, a tour and water taxi service that used to operate two catamarans between River Street and Hutchinson Island.

It’s great to live in a country where people really do think they can run for President though 99.999999% of the nation has not one damn clue who they are.


  1. LOL, it’s not about getting into the Whitehouse, it’s about exercising your rights, it’s about getting involved in the process, it’s one man trying to change the system because he is not satisfied with it. If “everyone” knew they couldn’t and therefore they didn’t, not a whole lot would get done.

    At the start of every sports season there are only a few teams that have a chance of winning a championship but that doesn’t mean the other teams don’t try.

    Remember that actor from California or that peanut farmer from Georgia? When we limit our options to a handpicked few, usually handpicked by the major media, we do our country a disservice.

    What would happen to the Bulldogs if in the future the only players were sons or close personal friends of former players? No more scouting high schools around the country, only friends and family. What would the viability of the team be then? That is similar to the process we use to pick our leaders.

    Gulliani bragged he had been in politics since he was 24. Okay, that makes him good at politics but what does he know about the rest of the country? This is the guy who thought a gallon of milk was a buck-fifty.

    Ever notice those runway shows with the girls walking around in something that NO ONE would where to a cat fight? These are created by professional designers who have no clue how the rest of the world really lives. IMHO it’s the same thing about career politicians.

    Take HR1940, why is it still in committee since April? Why isn’t the House all over this? Our politicians are not doing a great job and who knows, maybe, just maybe, when one of these 7th tier candidates actually starts making some headway maybe they will wake up and start dealing with some real issues.

    Just a thought 😉

  2. ChuckEaton says:

    “Remember that actor from California or that peanut farmer from Georgia? ”

    In fairness, both of them had held other elected office before they just upped and decided to run for President.

    “What would happen to the Bulldogs if in the future the only players were sons or close personal friends of former players? No more scouting high schools around the country, only friends and family.”

    I think a more correct analogy would be for UGA not to scout any high schools (the previous elected experience) and only look for high school football players in non-athletic clubs and organizations.

  3. Federalist says:

    Who the hell are these people? If mckinney really wants to make a change, he should start an interest group…not destroy those prospects by “running” for president. He mentions a “ladder of success” on his site…is he trying to jump from the bottom of the ladder to the top rung or something? How ridiculous. The only people that might vote for this guy are his parents and maybe a neighbor. Hell, he will be destroyed by how many votes Mickey Mouse gets.

  4. Federalist says:

    If my predictions are correct, then
    99.999925% will not vote for Ray McKinney or Fendig. I always over estimate the primaries though. I am guessing that about 40million people participate in the presidential primaries this cycle, and being generous by alotting a total of 30 votes total for mckinney and fendig. That is if they get on the ballot anywhere. Mickey Mouse got something around 10,000 votes in 2004, didnt he? I know he beat the other write-in candidates…just not how many votes he received. I hope that is a reminder for how pathetic and embarassing the mckinney and fendig candidacies are. Maybe if he changed his name to Mickey Mouse he would have a shot!

  5. 1. Boy you guys are a tough crowd, where’s the love? 😉

    2. Didn’t you ever do anything because you could or because someone told you that you couldn’t?

    3. Are you really happy with the Presidential choices out there?

    4. IMHO means In My Humble or Honest Opinion. We are still allowed to have those aren’t we?

    5. The 99.999999% was people who KNEW not people who would vote. With over 120,000 uniques web hits las month, the beating of McCain, Brownback, and Tancredo in Texas I guess I might be known by more than .0000001% of the population.

    6. The whole thing started out as frustration with the system, the system as it is working or not working in Washington. The GOP lost 11 million votes in the 2006 vs 2002 off peak years while the Democrats only lost 1/2 million. Apparantly the GOP is having issues with its base. I happen to be one of them.

    7. Stepping to the top of the ladder? Sure, but why not. There is no rule that you can’t, why do you think there are over 2000 candidates on U4PREZ? They are just trying to make an impact, I just took it to a higher level.

    8. The Villages in Florida has invited 3 Presidential candidates to speak this week. All three accepted. Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, and…..Ray McKinney. Remember, the edge of the rut is NOT the horizon.

    9. Have some fun guys, reach for the stars. This is America! We can still dream, we can still make a difference. To quote my favorite star ship captain, Never give up! Never surrender!

    10. The last I checked the pursuit of happiness was still a basic right. No one guaranteed it but you can still give it a whirl.

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