Where exactly did the AJC get its numbers from?

In the Saturday edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, an article ran that addressed the Democrats’ prospects of defeating Saxby Chambliss next year. In that piece, the AJC reported that Dale Cardwell raised $427,000; Vernon Jones raised $154,000; and Rand Knight raised $21,000.

All three of those figures are “according to the latest campaign finance report from July.” [Source: 9/15/2007 AJC article “Chambliss no longer big target”]

Now I just so happen to like those guys down at the AJC, but their reporting is way off the mark on this one.

According to the FEC, Vernon Jones raised $188,970 and has $154,402 left in the bank. Dale Cardwell raised $50,165 and has $42,665 in the bank. Rounding out the field, Rand Knight raised $43,245 and has $21,563 left in the bank.

Did someone over at the AJC forget to put the decimal point in the right place, because 427,000 is a long way from 42,665.


  1. Federalist says:

    This is a mistake. My source told me that Dale Cardwell is no where near the $100K mark even, which does not suprise me. The FEC reports that Andre is using are pretty old, but nonetheless, the AJC is reporting incorrect figures. I have not heard what Vernon has successfully raised, but considering the slow and unsuccessful operations that Cardwell and Knight have “managed”…there will probably need to be a real-challenger with a high profile that will need to enter the race if Chambliss is going to have a run for his money. Cardwell is a republican running as a dem, and will not be able to raise money from the democratic base. Not to mention he made a career of burning bridges with wealthy people and their attorneys. His friends are reporters, and will not contribute because of the fear of appearing biased, and the people he wasted his career on helping are all poor. Knight is just plain crazy. Jones has a hundred skeletons in his closet and can only raise money because he is the CEO of DeKalb county…which has many many contracts with all sorts of companies (just look at the disclosure and see who is giving money).

    As it stands, Chambliss has nothing to worry about. He will be beating up on Vernon Jones with ease come summer time. I seriously doubt that there will be a real democratic primary battle. At the rate cardwell and knight are failing to raise money, they will not even be able to buy media.

  2. Federalist says:

    Just to add some perspective about how bad of a candidate both Cardwell and Knight are, in respects to their fundraising,…Chambliss had a fundraiser a couple of months ago with the VP and in one day raised twice as much as Cardwell and Knight combined since their annoncements in June!

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