Thompson to replace Gonzales?

Former King & Spalding attorney Larry Thompson is reportedly on the short list to become the next Attorney General:

Political analysts say Thompson, who served as U.S. attorney in Atlanta from 1982 to ’86, is one of the only Republicans mentioned so far who could pass what are expected to be rigorous confirmation hearings in the Democratic-controlled Senate. But does Thompson, 61, want to give up his well-paying job as general counsel at PepsiCo to run a department torn asunder by partisan politics?

The next attorney general will be faced with congressional panels that are investigating whether nine U.S. attorneys were improperly fired last year for partisan gain, whether civil servant job applicants were illegally forced to declare party loyalty and whether there was legal justification to authorize wiretaps of suspected terrorists without court warrants.

If I were Bush I wouldn’t appoint anybody. I would leave the job unfilled and say you didn’t want to subject anyone to the brutal, petty, “we hate Bush”, confirmation hearings the Dems would conduct. Either that or nominate Harry Reid to the job and watch his former colleagues rip him to shreds for going to the dark side.

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  1. Federalist says:

    If anything, perhaps President Bush should request a list of acceptable candidates from the Democratic caucus. It would show: 1) a willingness to cooperate with Congress 2) show that he wants to reinstate the constitution principles of the checks/balances system 3) show the people that when he ran on a ticket of bipartisan cooperation…he meant it 4) separate himself from injustices created by his own policies and blame the previous attorney general. There can be some serious cleaning up. The president is immune from prosecution, and should not fear anything he rebuke. If those u.s. attorney’s were fired because of politics…it was alberto’s fault. if nsl letters were used illegally…it was alberto’s fault. if anything is turn up…it was alberto’s fault. Better blaming alberto now than waiting for a the next president to blame bush for everything wrong that has happened in the past several years.

  2. StevePerkins says:

    Last week’s issue of The Economist (not exactly a left-wing publication) suggested that the smartest thing Bush could do would be nominating a conservative Democrat. I’m a bit surprised to hear Peach Pundit’ers saying the same thing.

    With barely a year left in the current administration anyway, what WOULD be the point in trying to fill the position with someone that would generate an ugly Senate confirmation fight. Nominating a Republican MIGHT make sense if you’re betting that Democrats will catch more blame than Bush from the resulting gridlock (past government shutdowns over President-vs-Congress budget fights suggests that Congress usually DOES lose the P.R. battle). However, at this point in the term Bush needs what little political capital he can still scrape together just to keep his Iraq crusade limping along.

  3. Federalist says:

    Joe, if you actually new what the conservative movement was…you would understand that John Dean is a conservative. He is a Barry Goldwater conservative…not one of those nutjob, get elected by pandering to the religious right douche bags like Bush, Lott, Santorum, Allen, …the list goes on. He is a real conservative. You sir, are so used to being lied to (and falling for it) that you would know a conservative from a (insert humorous noun here.)

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Grade school has terms like “conservative” and “intelligent” being uttered in it?

    Boy! things sure have changed since _I_ was a young lad in grade school.

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