WSB-TV “Saving Grady” Town Meeting Tonight

Here’s your chance to sound-off about the Grady crisis. And Atlanta bloggers, here’s your chance to get in on the live, citizen journalism action. Call Steve Riley at Channel 2, 404-897-7447, and ask to be credentialed to blog the event at Grady. It’s for the “town” after all. Let’s see just how public Cox Plantation #1

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  1. CommonSenseSoutherner says:

    I want Grady to survive as much as anyone does… I live only a few blocks away and I think it is an important piece of Georgia history and we as Georgians have a duty to at least try and make it work.

    But, “demanding” that state legislators reallocate 60+ million dollars to cover all the poor, uninsured and indigent patients who frequent Grady (as the preacher and “community activist” demanded during the townhall meeting)… that the the WORST way to approach this.

    This really doesn’t need to be a racial issue – treating it as one is taking the easy way out.

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