Latest Georgia Presidential Poll

Here is the latest from Strategic Vision


Fred Thompson 32%
Rudy Giuliani 17%
Newt Gingrich 9%
John McCain 8%
Mitt Romney 6%
Mike Huckabee 6%
Sam Brownback 2%
Tom Tancredo 2%
Ron Paul 2%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Undecided 15%


Hillary Clinton 34%
Barack Obama 25%
John Edwards 13%
Bill Richardson 8%
Joseph Biden 5%
Chris Dodd 1%
Dennis Kucinich 1%
Undecided 13%

Chambliss v. Jones:

Saxby Chambliss 56%
Vernon Jones 30%
Undecided 14%

Chambliss v. Cardwell:

Saxby Chambliss 57%
Dale Cardwell 26%
Undecided 17%


  1. Federalist says:

    They should have added the question:

    “Do you know who _____ is?”

    To each segment of the survey.
    Isn’t strategic vision some guy in his mom’s basement that makes up polls without actually interviewing a single person?

  2. GodHatesTrash says:

    How pitiful the Georgia electorate is that they are going to send a slippery chickenhawk conman like Saxby Chambliss to the United States Senate.

    Trash elects trash.

  3. Archibald Bulloch says:

    Federalist, you are right.

    SV is crappy polling. If Insider Advantage had one, then I’d pay attention.

    The guy seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Reaganesque candidates.

  4. souldrift says:

    Funny, this site linking to “tax hike mike.” Mike is the only Republican who tries not to talk down to his opponents, and is in that way the only Republican I can *Stand*.

    Figures people here wouldn’t like him. Sorry to interrupt your “we aren’t far right ENOUGH, people!” orgy. Please continue.

  5. Groseclose says:


    I echo your sentiments. Jason has made a concerted effort of recent to slam Mike Huckabee on this site. Frankly, he seems awfully concerned about Mike Huckabee, even with him polling in 6th place in Georgia. I suspect, without any evidence of proof, Jason attacks Mike Huckabee not because of his fiscal record–which is strongly conservative–but because of the social values that Huckabee embraces.

    Though I have no control over editorial content of front page poseter, such a limitiation will not prevent me from expressing the following opinion. The credibility and influence of peachpundit would only be strengthened if all front page posters excercised the same level of un-bias and objectiveness in their front page posts as evinced by Erick.

  6. souldrift says:

    Ha! I should’ve known, Jason’s got an “Olbermann Watch” link on his site.

    Buzz, clearly not, but this site does tend far-right much to the degree of Redstate. If it were more sane, I might spend more time here.

  7. Jason Pye says:

    How is my posts or comments different from Erick’s podcast about Ron Paul or some of the things he said about Paul Broun? This isn’t a news site, it’s a blog. I don’t have to be unbiased.

    Ha! I should

  8. buzzbrockway says:

    If it were more sane, I might spend more time here.

    Look down the list of contributors to this blog. There are plenty of people from across the political spectrum. Show me another blog in Georgia with such diversity of thought among it’s bloggers.

    Saying “Peach Pundit is too right wing” is a cop out.

  9. Groseclose says:


    I recognize there is no REQUIREMENT of this blog’s front page posters to be objective. But, I believe peachpundit in its pursuit of being a leader of political opinion in this state would benefit from generally unbias front page posts. Even if complete objectiveness is not compelled by that rationale, it should atleast be reason enough to avoid singlinging out and overtly attacking one candidiate out of such a large field.

    Jason, I recognize you espouse liberterian views. Therfore, I think you could easily attack McCain on campaign finance reform. You could easily attack Rudy for his affinity for corporate welfare programs. Or you could attack Romney’s failure to take an anti-new tax pledge while campaigning for Governor. The fact is all of the major candidiates have attackable points. Just spread the criticism.

  10. Jason Pye says:

    Huckabee has been picked on because has has been in Georgia recently.

    If you search my personal blog, you’ll see posts about all the candidates, most recently one about Fred Thompson’s support of McCain-Feingold.

  11. Tommy_a2b says:

    Jason I love the Huchabee link and I’m glad someone out there is saying this stuff about him. I can not support any candidate who has or is flip flopping more than John Kerry (i.e. Mitt Romney too.)

  12. cheapseats says:

    not all the contributors to this site are far right but it certainly seems like everyone who takes it seriously thinks “conservative” means “good” and “liberal” means “bad”. I just can’t see what these “conservatives” are trying to “conserve”. Looks like they are intent on destroying most of what is great about this country.
    Why do y’all hate America?

  13. Federalist says:

    I still do not know why the people that place these polls on the site insist on using fake polls such as Strategic Vision. Strategic Vision is not a real polling firm. They are not real polls. They are made up. I think that is the issue here, not how so-and-so did in the poll, I can make up polls and put them on a website too…that doe not make them credible or real even.

  14. IndyInjun says:


    All too many of them are not really CONSERVATIVES, just GOP apologists.

    There is a chasm as wide as the Grand Canyon between GOP partisans and conservatism.

  15. GodHatesTrash says:

    Greetings from Vermont!

    Injun is right. A great many – most – Georgia GOPers are the descendants of Klan trash. Georgia has no tradition of conservatism, other than racist violence and demagoguery.

  16. jsm says:

    “A great many – most – Georgia GOPers are the descendants of Klan trash.”

    Even more unfounded, unverifiable, stereotypical nonsense from Trash. Way to go.

  17. Federalist says:

    GodHatesTrash has a very good point though. The south, including GA, would not vote republican for decades because of Lincoln. Can you name the proclamation that he gave that made Georgians not want to vote GOP? It was racist klan trash that enforced the Jim Crowe laws, the solid south is nearly the same today…but now that the civil rights camp is in the democratic party there has been a realignment. It is not fiscal conservatism or taxes, because as we all know over 70% of the nation’s debt is from budget priorities requested by Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Social conservatism,…I am not sure…the south has as many abortions per capita as any other region in the US. Fact is, as GodHatesTrash said, the current GOPers in Georgia (those that are not transplants from outside the south the metro atlanta) are descendants of solid south klan trash. It is not stereotypical, it is not unverifiable, it is not unfounded. Does georgia even have an anti-lynching law yet? To generalize the region…when the Federal anti-lynching law was voted on, who were the only two “nay” votes? Two GOP senators from Mississippi.

  18. GodHatesTrash says:

    There is only one issue in southern politics – race. Rednecks supported the Democratic Party from the time of Andrew Jackson because the party was pro-slavery (pro-white). After the Civil War the Democratic Party was pro-segregation and pro-white supremacy – rednecks voted Democratic, the freedmen voted Republican (if the rednecks didn’t lynch them first).

    Because of Democrat Harry Truman’s desegregation of the Armed Services, redneck trash formed the Dixiecrats in 1948, lead by miscegenationist segregationist Strom Thurmond. In 1960 many rednecks voted for Harry Byrd (not Robert Byrd, fools) a segregationist who offered an alternative to JFK, who was against segregation.

    In 1964, the trash vote in the Deep South gave Republican Barry Goldwater his only states except Arizona – the first time in American history the GOP ever won a Deep South state.

    Why? Because JFK and LBJ had passed the Civil Rights Act, and the Democratic Party was seen by the southern bumpkinry as being pro-black.

    So southern racists voted for Goldwater, then the bantyrooster bigot George Corley Wallace in 1968, then Nixon in 1972.

    Since 1972, white southerners, the very same voting block that supported slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, etc. has voted GOP in every state in every presidential election. EVEN CARTER AND CLINTON WERE UNABLE TO GET THE MAJORITY OF THE WHITE VOTE IN THEIR HOME STATES. And look what happened to Al Gore in Tennessee in 2000.

    So – the neanderthals that supported the southern Democrats now support Dumbya and the GOP.

  19. Federalist says:

    You forgot the Voting Rights Act of 1965, particularly Section 5, which has been eroded under the GOP justice department in the form of photo id requirements aimed at preventing minority…sorry democratic…voting.

    The thing that really sucks about all of this, is that these party stalwarts that think their party is above suppressing votes (because they delivered democracy to a third world nation) and that this long list of proven racist voting/civil right policy is a conspiracy created by those that are moderate and left of center. A sad state of affairs has awashed over the land…blinding the weak from the truth that is injustice to those who do not look the same.

  20. CommonSenseSoutherner says:

    “There is only one issue in southern politics – race. ”

    So Trash, do you think white southerners still currently vote for a candidate/party based primarily on underlying race issues? Interesting.

    Are you also one of those people who, in regards to issues of race, the GOP, and the current administration, says things like, “oh, well, Condi… she doesn’t count. Neither does Colin Powell.”

    Sure, I can agree, speaking generally… as far as what motivated the changes in voting patterns in the south over the last century or so. But you are really reaching if you are trying to extend that to Gore losing TN. Tennessee, historically, has never been as concerned with race issues as other southern states. Are you saying Tennesseans are racist by osmosis… and thus that is why they were anti-Gore? >>> Nonsense.

    In my opinion, the southern vote has a lot less to do with skin color and a lot more to do with good ol’ jesus.

  21. GodHatesTrash says:

    Actually, the most common denomination in the evangelikkkal south is Southern Baptist, which broke away from their northern brethren over the issue of slavery. After the war, the church became a haven for Lost Cause sympathizers and Jim Crow afficianados, and many many Southern Baptist preachers were also prominent in their local Klan chapters. Edgar Ray Killen, finally imprisoned after some 40 years of freedom, was instrumental in the murders of Schwerner, Goodman, and Cheney in the summer of 1963 in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

    At the time of the murders, Killen was an ordained Southern Baptist preacher, and he went on preaching every Sunday for almost 50 years. Unfortunately, over the years, many southern preachermen were lynchmobbers.

    The Southern Baptist Convention still allows segregated congregations membership.

    So, I guess I’ll agree with you – it’s about a quite perverted notion of Jesus and Christianity, along the lines of Osama’s perversion of Islam…

    Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization with its roots in fundamentalist Islam. The Klan, still the world’s most successful terror organization, has its roots in fundie – especially southern evangelical – Christianity.

  22. Federalist says:

    Though not as popular as southern baptist, the methodist episcopal churh, south…did the same thing. In the 40s it became the southern methodist church. I am curious how often “the word of god” has been changed because of politics? I suppose, with modern religion, ever since it was made up. The Council of Nicaea made up christianity…everything about it…but people still think that the bible (a group written fiction novel) is nothing but the word of a supreme diety. I would be interested in conducting a poll of how many self proclaimed christians have ever heard of the council of nicaea, their source of information, then a few questions about the council to determine whether or not they are lying. The control questions would be necessary because we all know that christians are very embarrassed about knowing so little about their religion…particularly the respects to the creation of the church and denominations that “god” created because of human political conditions.

  23. jsm says:

    I wonder how many people in California, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania are “the descendants of Klan trash?”

    And Fed, if you don’t think Trash’s baseless, random name-calling is unfounded, unverifiable, and stereotypical, provide proof. Show me the percentage of Georgia residents who were Klan members two and three generations back and bring it forward to their descendants still in the state today.

    You and Trash are talking out of your anuses about distant history, politically speaking, and assuming that everyone in the South voted based on racism issues alone.

    No one will deny that racism exists, but the reality is that white racists are a miniscule segment of the general population of this state. And whether you acknowledge it or not, racists exist within every color of people. I know, because I grew up in Clayton County and saw it first-hand.

    Find some other issue to exploit.

  24. profg says:

    They’d better change their poll selections… I just heard Alan Keyes declare on Janet Parshall’s radio show. He’ll be in the Values Voter GOP debate on Monday.


  25. GodHatesTrash says:

    Jsm, tens of millions.

    However, only in the South (and some of the sparsely populated mountain states) are they a majority. And only in the South do they have the tradition and mythology of the Lost Cause as a rallying cry, the support of a bigoted xenophobic clergy, the knee-jerk hatred of the federal government, BS as history, and the collective guilt of generations of abuse, rape, and murder of their fellow human beings.

    Oh, so some of the black folk in Clayton don’t like you – any of them ever rape your great-grandmother? Lynch your great-grandaddy?

    Or do anything to you other than look at you funny, poor thing?

  26. jsm says:

    Data, Trash, data. Your accusations are empty.

    BTW, I had some fine black friends in Clayton County. You take everything a mile too far.

  27. Federalist says:

    I dont believe him. I think he is trying to scare the base into getting motivated against a candidate. It will not work, but it is probably the GOP (party committee’s) best bet. My comments, jsm, about racism were not aimed merely at klan activity. Fact is Georgia, and many southern states, fought against black enfranchisement vigorously until the mid 1970’s. Everyone that supported the disenfranchisement and pro-segregation parties and candidates should be included in these insults. They held a huge majority from the 1860’s through the 1940’s. then closer to a simple majority until the 70s. Them and their descendents, while not necessarily believers in the behavior or member of the klan, do comprise a majority of the southern population. There is no way to actually calibrate the population, membership (in some 90% of cases) was kept anonymous. The remainding 10% (or so,…this is an estimate) was revealed by upper klan members who solicited their “fraternity” for political contributions only to lose and sell their fundraising lists. The name calling is not totally baseless. Take the platform of the kkk and compare it to the GOP (southern gop) base : white, christian, anti-gay, anti-catholicism, anti-semitism, anti-communism, nativist (yes you do prefer native born americans, not native-american indians, over immigrants…so far as to make laws criminalizing their existence in the country unless the jump hurdles and through rings of fire to be here legally.) While the souther gop base may not be anti-catholic or anti-semite…they surely are not jewish or catholic. they just so happen to ascribe to a denomination founded out of racism…souther baptist.

  28. rugby_fan says:

    The GOP base in the South may not be Catholic and Jewish because neither of them make up significant parts of the South Federalist.

    Surely Federalist, someone who observed humans professionally for decades would know this.

    Although visit Christ the King and you’d be hard pressed to find many Democrats.

  29. Federalist says:

    Convert. Thing is, even the catholics in the south are dems. actually that is true for the demographic throughout the country…same with jews. I do not get your last sentence though. most dems are christians too. i think you would be more hard pressed to find real christians in the gop, with all the pro-war and pro-capital punishment stuff.

  30. rugby_fan says:

    Christ the King is the Cathedral for Atlanta. I would say politically, its 70% Republican.

    CTK is an exceptional representation of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. And Atlanta is one of the more liberal dioceses in the South.

  31. Federalist says:

    70% republican! wow, no wonder republicans do what they are told rather than reasoning with readily available information.

  32. rugby_fan says:

    And Sacred Heart, Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and Our Lady of Lourdes, are probably 85% Democrat.

    What’s your point Federalist? Do you have one this time?

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